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Bien choisir sa brosse brushing avec La Bonne Brosse

Choosing the right round hair brush with La Bonne Brosse

Designed to style your hair, a round hair brush is a must-have. But you still need to choose the right one... Find out how to choose your round hair brush with La Bonne Brosse, the hair beauty expert. How to choose your round hair brush? In order to choose the right hair brush, it's important to consider 3 basic criteria:1. The shape of the hairbrushA blow-dry brush is often used with a hairdryer. We therefore recommend that you opt for a hair brush with a round shape in order to optimize heat diffusion. Whether you want to straighten your fringes...

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Brosse à cheveux poils de sanglier : Collaboration Pucci

Boar bristle hairbrush: Pucci collaboration

La Bonne Brosse is proud to present its new boar bristle hairbrush: Pucci massaging brush. This beautiful hair brush is the result of a long-awaited collaboration with the ready-to-wear brand Emilio Pucci. It stands out for its softness and colorful design: it brings lightness and cheerfulness to a world that is often all too serious. A colorful boar bristle hairbrush Discover our new boar bristle and nylon hairbrush: a unique collaboration between La Bonne Brosse and Pucci. United by shared values such as cheerfulness and self-care, our two brands have embarked on an exciting adventure: creating a hairbrush that combines...

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Brosse à cheveux bébé : un cadeau de naissance rempli de tendresse

Baby hairbrush: a baby gift filled with love

Looking for an original baby gift? How about a baby hairbrush? La Bonne Brosse presents its magnificent baby brushes: objects designed with love and expertise, to take care of young children’s sensitive scalps. A gift that blends both utility and pleasantness Children's scalps are particularly fragile from an early age. That's why it's important to use the right hairbrush to avoid harming them. With their well-being in mind, La Bonne Brosse has launched a range of baby brushes specially designed for children aged 0 to 6. Made from white boar bristles, our baby hair brushes are particularly soft: they offer...

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Découvrez nos brosses à cheveux bébé

Discover our baby hairbrushes

Adults' scalps are renowned for being particularly fragile, but children's scalps are even more so! This is why it's vital to take care of it with the right hairbrush. Discover our baby hair brushes: brushes that are both aesthetic and effective, specially designed for children aged 0 to 6. Baby brushes designed with love and expertise Having enjoyed great success with our detangling boar bristle hairbrushes, we have decided to set ourselves a new challenge: to create hair brushes for children. A challenge that was greatly taken up by our team. Density, pile, fiber sizes... Everything is carefully studied, starting...

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Oscars 2024 : La Bonne Brosse sur le tapis rouge

Oscars 2024: La Bonne Brosse on the red carpet

This year, the Oscar for best massaging hairbrush goes to La Bonne Brosse! We are proud to announce that Emma Stone chose the n°4 Miracle hair brush, one of our best-sellers, to enhance her hair before the ceremony. As she was rewarded for her role in the movie "Poor Creatures", the famous actress caused a sensation with her soft and radiant hair. Discover the benefits of this exceptional hair brush: 100% vegan, an essential tool for caring for your scalp and your hair. A relaxing and revitalizing massage Renowned for its extreme softness, the Miracle massaging brush is made from...

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Collaboration Three Seven Paris : des brosses à cheveux poils de sanglier au design unique

Find out our new collaboration with Three Seven Paris: uniquely designed boar bristle hairbrushes

La Bonne Brosse has teamed up with Three Seven Paris to create boar bristle hair brushes with a unique design: 4 limited editions designed by ceramist Caroline Petit to care for your hair while enhancing your home. La Bonne Brosse and Three Seven Paris: where brushing meets ceramics Renowned for its entirely hand-worked ceramic tableware, Three Seven Paris workshop combines precision and expertise to create graphic illustrations with a simple black line: a unique process that gives life to very fine objects.  Guided by the same love of craftsmanship, we have launched a unique collaboration with Three Seven Paris to...

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La collection sommeil La Bonne Brosse

La Bonne Brosse sleep collection

La Bonne Brosse sleep collection Sleep has many benefits. When we sleep, our whole body regenerates itself: our organs, tissues and cells. With your well-being in mind, we've designed 3 accessories to help you sleep better : a sleep turban, a silk pillowcase and a velvet and silk sleeping mask. Find out more about the products of our sleep collection and their benefits for your skin and hair. Velvet and silk pillowcase Tired of waking up every morning with tangled hair? Why not try our velvet and silk pillowcase? Renowned for its softness, silk prevents friction during the night, so...

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5 idées cadeaux pour les fêtes de fin d'année : nos meilleures brosses a cheveux

5 gift ideas for the end of year celebrations: our best hair brushes

The holiday season is approaching! Are you looking for a useful and enjoyable gift for a loved one? Check out our best hair brushes and our special end of the year offers: you're sure to find the perfect gift with La Bonne Brosse! DUO offer: the small brush and its small pouch Easy to carry, the small brush is by far the best hair brush for people who travel a lot. In a pocket, in a bag or in a suitcase, the small brush fits almost anywhere! With our DUO offer, you also get a small velvet and silk pouch...

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Offrez une brosse à cheveux personnalisée à vos proches !

A perfect gift for your loved ones: personalised hair brush!

Christmas is just around the corner and you're looking for an original, useful and thoughtful gift for a loved one? How about a personalised hair brush? Discover our different models and their benefits for your hair: renowned for their massaging and moisturizing properties, our boar bristle brushes add shine, volume and care! Personalised hair brushes : a unique design Find the perfect gift for Christmas with La Bonne Brosse: give a personalised hair brush that looks like no other! Designed with traditional craftsmanship in our workshops in the south of France, our hair brushes come in a wide range of...

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Cheveux mouillés mer

The sea, a powerful ally to your hair

This summer, rediscover the benefits of seawater on your scalp. Seawater is saturated with trace elements and minerals with purifying and regenerating properties.  If your hair tends to become greasy, never hesitate to immerse your head in the water! Take advantage of these moments to massage your scalp for a few minutes. After your swim, don't forget to rinse your hair with fresh water and avoid aggressing it with shampoo.  If dandruff tends to develop on your scalp, don't be afraid to immerse it: seawater and its trace elements purify the scalp and help reduce itching, provided you don't aggress...

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soin cheveux calendrier lunaire

Prepare your hair for the New Moon

Tomorrow, April 1 2022, a new moon will form. It is called the "black" moon, since it is the second new moon within a month. The phenomenon of tides alone proves the moon’s influence on the world's oceans. Those who believe in its power are convinced that it also acts on the water reserves of the human body and hair. We could therefore follow the lunar calendar to make our hair grow faster, boost the effectiveness of hair care products and achieve successful hairstyles every time. Orbiting the earth, the moon transits each sign of the zodiac for one to...

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