Holistic Beauty of the Hair

Cheveux mouillés mer

The sea, a powerful ally to your hair

This summer, rediscover the benefits of seawater on your scalp. Seawater is saturated with trace elements and minerals with purifying and regenerating properties. If your hair has a tendency to re-grease, don't hesitate to plunge your head under water! Even take advantage of these moments to massage your scalp for a few minutes. After your swim, don't forget to rinse your hair with clean water and avoid harsh shampoo. If dandruff tends to develop on your scalp, don't be afraid to immerse it: seawater and its trace elements cleanse the scalp and reduce itching, as long as you don't aggravate...

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soin cheveux calendrier lunaire

Prepare your hair for the New Moon

Tomorrow, April 1 2022, a new moon will form. It is called the "black" moon, since it is the second new moon within a month. The phenomenon of tides alone proves the moon’s influence on the world's oceans. Those who believe in its power are convinced that it also acts on the water reserves of the human body and hair. We could therefore follow the lunar calendar to make our hair grow faster, boost the effectiveness of hair care products and achieve successful hairstyles every time. Orbiting the earth, the moon transits each sign of the zodiac for one to...

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brosse à cheveux en poil de sanglier soin et démêlage

The hair: a reflection of our emotions

Many internal elements influence the health of our hair and are not taken into account in the diagnosis and treatment of it: diet, emotions, hormones, exercise, positive thoughts, etc. We tend to treat only the visible aspects without asking ourselves if there is an underlying cause. By choosing a holistic approach in hair care, we can treat our hair as a whole, acting both on its external and internal well-being. The impact of emotions on the health of our hair Without words, the hair speaks in the only way it will be heard: hair loss, brittle hair, patches on the...

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