This summer, rediscover the benefits of seawater on your scalp. Seawater is saturated with trace elements and minerals with purifying and regenerating properties. 

If your hair tends to become greasy, never hesitate to immerse your head in the water! Take advantage of these moments to massage your scalp for a few minutes. After your swim, don't forget to rinse your hair with fresh water and avoid aggressing it with shampoo. 

If dandruff tends to develop on your scalp, don't be afraid to immerse it: seawater and its trace elements purify the scalp and help reduce itching, provided you don't aggress it just after. Remember to rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming and protect your scalp with a hat or under a parasol: you wouldn't want the sun to dry out your lengths again. 

Seawater is excellent for circulation: it's the solution for people suffering from heavy legs, and it's just as ideal for people experiencing hair loss! Before swimming, we advise you to gently massage your scalp. Once in the water, your microcirculation will be truly stimulated, and your hair should grow much faster. After swimming, don't forget once again to rinse your scalp with fresh water. 

Sea baths. A real rejuvenating treatment for your scalp. 

And for dry and brittle hair? Patience, we'll soon deliver our advice to adopt immediately to take care of your hair and prevent them from drying out from seawater!