Designed to style your hair, a round hair brush is a must-have. But you still need to choose the right one... Find out how to choose your round hair brush with La Bonne Brosse, the hair beauty expert.

How to choose your round hair brush?

In order to choose the right hair brush, it's important to consider 3 basic criteria:

1. The shape of the hairbrush

A blow-dry brush is often used with a hairdryer. We therefore recommend that you opt for a hair brush with a round shape in order to optimize heat diffusion. Whether you want to straighten your fringes or wave a few strands, a round hairbrush is the best shape for styling your hair.

2. The composition of your round hair brush

Just like your everyday brush, your round hair brush is in direct contact with your hair, so make sure it's gentle on your hair and scalp. Avoid brushes with stiff bristles that can damage your hair and skin.

3. The ergonomics of your blow-dry brush

Forget heavy brushes that are difficult to handle: your blow-dry brush should be light and allow you to rotate easily in either direction. That's how you'll get the most out of your blow-dry!

Why choose La Bonne Brosse round brush?

Because we care about your hair, we've developed a round brush specially designed for blow-drying. Made from boar bristles, our volume and style brushing brush is rich in keratin: a protein essential to your hair's well-being. It provides strength, elasticity and shine. Many factors, such as age or excessive heat, can contribute to a lack of keratin and damage the condition of your hair. That's why our boar bristle brush is so good for your hair. Its natural fibers also help to distribute sebum evenly from the roots to the ends, smoothing the scales: your hair is nourished and protected from heat and external damage.

Made with care in our workshops, our round hairbrush has an ergonomic handle that is 45 mm in diameter. Easy to handle, it's made from cellulose acetate: a durable material renowned for its hypoallergenic properties and soft feel.

Let yourself be seduced by its elegant design and choose the model that suits you best: cherry red, emerald green, blueberry blue, ivory, creamy white... Our boar bristle brush comes in many colors!