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soin cheveux brillants

What is the best hair brush for shiny hair?

Are you wondering how to get healthy hair? Let us share with you our secrets to get beautiful and shiny hair. Find out our different tips and our unique boar bristle hair brushes: they are all made in France designed to take care of your hair. How to choose the right hair brush? If you believe that your hair brush has no other use than detangling, think again! It is the accessory that is most in contact with your hair: your hair brush plays a vital role in the health of your hair and scalp! Not sure which hair brush...

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brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier pour cheveux gras

My hair gets oily after I use my hair brush: is this normal ?

You have recently purchased a boar bristle hair brush from La Bonne Brosse, but you feel that somehow, your hair gets greasy faster after brushing it? Want to know how to space out your shampoos? Check out our tips and advice on how to get the most out of your boar bristle hair brush and get rid of greasy hair. A boar bristle brush to enhance your hair Our boar bristle brushes are the best hair brushes to prevent your hair from getting greasy. Thanks to their boar bristles, our hair brushes distribute the sebum all along the hair fiber...

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femme avec une petite brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

Brushing your hair: mistakes that you should avoid

You probably brush your hair every day, but are you sure you are doing it the right way? Find out what mistakes you should avoid when brushing your hair and find which is the best hair brush for you with La Bonne Brosse. Mistake 1: Using the wrong hair brush Many people neglect the choice of their hair brush. And yet, it is a fundamental criterion to have beautiful hair. We are all different: so is our hair! So be careful to choose a hair brush adapted to your needs in order to get the best out of it. Whether...

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coffret collab brosse à cheveux vegan La Bonne Brosse et Aime

Aime & La Bonne Brosse collaboration

You are sensitive to light, humidity and changes in temperature. So is your hair! As spring is coming, your hair might actually need a little help to regenerate. Discover the benefits of our vegan hair brush made in France and the Hair & Scalp Boost food supplement from Aime the perfect combination to take care of your scalp and your hair all year long! Enhance your hair with our 100% nylon vegan hair brush Did you know that you could take care of your hair and protect the planet at the same time?Entirely made in France and from noble and...

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Quelle est la meilleure brosse pour cheveux gras ?

What is the best brush for oily hair?

Finding the right hair brush for your scalp is not the easiest task when you have greasy hair. But don’t worry, at La Bonne Brosse, there is a hair brush for every hair type. Find out which hair brush is best for treating oily hair and slowing down sebum production. The best hair brush for greasy hair We are all different. So is our hair! This is why La Bonne Brosse has designed different detangling combs and hair brushes to suit all types of scalps. Because it is made from boar bristles, the Universal Hair Care Brush N°01 is the...

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3 astuces pour se débarrasser des cheveux gras

3 tips to get rid of greasy hair

If you are struggling with greasy hair, you certainly need a few tips to learn how to keep your hair clean longer. La Bonne Brosse gives you 3 tips to help you get rid of greasy hair. Spacing out shampoos for healthier hair When your hair is greasy, you tend to wash it more often... too often! Washing your hair too often can damage the scalp and greatly increase sebum production, which is precisely what we want to avoid ! To get rid of greasy hair, we therefore advise you to reduce the frequency of your shampoos. Don't worry, you...

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brosse à cheveux française en poil de sanglier

What is the best hairbrush for fine hair?

If you believe that only celebrities have silky and voluminous hair, think again! With the right hair brush and a few simple techniques, you can give your hair a real boost! Find out how to stimulate the regrowth of your fine hair with our miracle detangling brush and how to revitalize your hair with our brushing techniques. The Good Brush: the best hair brush for fine hair You wish you had strong and voluminous hair, but your hair seems determined to stay thin and flat? What if you took matters into your own hands? Rich in nylon and boar bristles,...

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Comment se débarrasser des nœuds dans les cheveux avec notre brosse à cheveux démêlante ?

How to get rid of knots in your hair with our detangling hair brush?

If your hair is in a mess every morning when you wake up, don't worry : you're not the only one! Our detangling brushes aka La Bonne Brosse are specially designed to get rid of tangles in your hair. Find out which detangling hair brush is best suited to your hair type and which brushing techniques are recommended to have shiny hair ! Which detangling brush for your tangled hair? Caring for hair is our goal. For a long time, we have found that there are very few solutions for effectively detangling hair. So we have created one: the Essential Do-it-all...

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Quelle alimentation privilégier pour avoir de beaux cheveux ?

What diet should I choose to have beautiful hair?

Ça y est, l'hiver est bien entamé et ses aléas se reflètent sur notre chevelure : perte d’éclat, de volume, pointes cassantes... Pour gérer au mieux cette transition, les experts capillaires (coiffeurs, hair therapist, naturopathes) recommandent certes d’en prendre soin via des formules cocooning mais aussi et surtout, d’adapter son alimentation ; cette dernière ayant une action directe sur la santé de nos cheveux. Tour de piste des aliments à privilégier pour des cheveux plus forts, plus sains, plus beaux. Des acides aminés soufrés pour relancer la pousse des cheveux Dès la fin de l’été, la pousse naturelle des cheveux ralentit....

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Beauté des cheveux : un héritage de mères en filles

Hair beauty: a heritage from mother to daughter

« Coiffe-toi comme ci, ne touche pas à ta couleur, tu devrais au moins faire couper tes pointes… » On a toutes entendu ces conseils (parfois horripilants) venant de nos mères. La Bonne Brosse vous propose un florilège des plus efficaces mais aussi des plus agaçants. Les conseils cheveux les plus efficaces, ceux qu’on devrait écouter : 1- « Prends soin de tes cheveux comme de ta peau » Pourquoi ? Car comme notre peau, nos cheveux sont quotidiennement confrontés à des agressions quotidiennes : pollution, UV, outils de styling… De son côté, le cuir chevelu doit conjuguer avec notre...

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Comment porter un bonnet (ou un casque de ski) en hiver?

How to wear a hat (or a ski helmet) in winter?

The hat situation Flattened roots, crushed curls, a messy look... Even if a hat helps us keep our head dry and warm during winter, it’s not great for the hairstyle. What’s worse, its friction weakens the fiber. It is therefore important to choose the right hat. Here are the two golden rules: 1) Pay attention to the material. It must be natural and of good quality: wool and cashmere are the most common. However, for the hat to slip on without rubbing or catching the hair, it should be lined with silk or satin. 2) Make sure it is not...

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En finir (ou presque) avec l’électricité statique dans les cheveux!

End (or almost end) static hair!

Winter is often synonymous with static hair. Another little problem we'd like to get rid of. Here's everything you need to know about this phenomenon. Where does static electricity in our hair come from? It comes from the friction between the negatively and positively charged particles of clothes, a comb and our hair. Like magnets, the opposite charges attract each other and create this effect of aspiration towards the element (a comb, sweater, scarf, etc.). This is a phenomenon that worsens in winter The dry and cold air of winter does not allow the keratin in our hair to absorb...

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