La Bonne Brosse has teamed up with Three Seven Paris to create boar bristle hair brushes with a unique design: 4 limited editions designed by ceramist Caroline Petit to care for your hair while enhancing your home.

La Bonne Brosse and Three Seven Paris: where brushing meets ceramics

Renowned for its entirely hand-worked ceramic tableware, Three Seven Paris workshop combines precision and expertise to create graphic illustrations with a simple black line: a unique process that gives life to very fine objects. 

Guided by the same love of craftsmanship, we have launched a unique collaboration with Three Seven Paris to offer a limited edition of boar bristle hairbrushes.

Recognisable by their cream-coloured handles and elegant designs, our detangling hair brushes come in 4 iconic models: 

  • The Universal, a 100% boar bristle brush: ideal for those with straight, fine or fragile hair.
  • The Miracle, the vegan hairbrush: made from nylon fibers, suitable for all hair types, even the thickest.

Much more than just accessories, our Bonnes Brosses embody quality craftsmanship, sincerity and our desire to take care of your hair: objects that are both stylish and useful every day.

Boar bristle hair brushes: an ancestral know-how

Made entirely in France, our hairbrushes are the fruit of an age-old brushing tradition. Designed to last, they are made from responsible, high-quality materials. Starting with the handle: made from biodegradable cellulose acetate - a material made from 75% wood fibers - it guarantees softness and comfort every time you hold it. 

We also take great care in selecting the fibers of our brushes: 100% natural boar bristles rich in keratin, just like your hair! Not only do they help prevent static electricity, but they also remove excess sebum from the roots of your hair and distribute it throughout your lengths: perfect for those who tend to have oily hair and dry ends.

For our vegan hair brush, The Essential and The Essential Soft, we've also opted for the finest nylon fibers on the market: renowned for their suppleness and softness, they provide a particularly addictive massage every time you brush. What better way to stimulate scalp microcirculation and relieve tension!