Curly hair

Comment brosser ses cheveux bouclés ?

How to brush your curly hair?

As you probably know, your hair needs to be cared for. But straight hair is not cared for in the same way as curly hair! Find out how to brush your curly or frizzy hair without breaking or damaging it with The Good Brush. Is it a good idea to brush curly hair? If you are tired of having your hair disheveled after each brushing, rest assured: there is a technique to avoid this. You are allowed to brush your curly hair, just don't do it when it's dry!Unlike straight hair, type 3 curly hair needs to be damp during...

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La meilleure brosse à cheveux pour cheveux bouclés

The best hairbrush for curly hair

It is an integral part of our look and personality: our hair says a lot about us! And yet, without meaning to, we sometimes give it a hard time: we pull it, cut it, dye it, break it... Protecting our hair is not always an easy task! Even if all types of hair deserve to be pampered, curls tend to be more fragile and therefore require special attention. If you have curly or frizzy hair, find out which hair brush is best for your curls and what you need to do to take care of them. What is the best...

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