How to give your hair volume?

You may think, like many women, that brushing your hair means flattening it,
but this is not the case: every brushing session helps to aerate and shape your hair so that you can have naturally beautiful and voluminous hair.
But be careful: you need to be patient, during the first few days of brushing, the sebum on the roots only spreads gradually over the fiber, centimeter by centimeter, and your hair may look abnormally flat. But that doesn't mean your efforts are in vain, and we encourage you to continue.

big hair don't care Flat hair Fine hair
big hair don't care

Which hair brushes for more volume?

Our boar bristle brushes The Universal, The Essential and The Essential Gentle, with or without nylon, are extremely effective in distributing sebum.

Use your La Bonne Brosse hair brush to massage your head in the morning and at night for three minutes, making sure to brush from the temples to the back of the head, then from the top to the nape of the neck, and finally with the head tilted downwards.

You can then style with your fingers to make your hair more voluminous than ever!

Flat hair

How do you brush for more voluminous hair?

By brushing your hair twice a day for at least a week,
you will quickly see a beautiful transformation of your hair.

Sebum will be well distributed throughout the hair, your scalp will be rebalanced and your hair will be sheathed, shiny and healthy.

The ideal way to give volume and hold to all your hairstyles!

Our tips for flat hair

Fine hair

The special case
of very fine hair

Some very fine “baby hairs” sometimes gives the impression of lacking volume, and a flattened, even “sticky” appearance. Regular brushing of the hair, with a boar bristle brush, allows you to aerate the hair, to coat the often fragile fine hair fiber, and to give an impression of immediate volume.

Our advice for fine hair