Hairbrushes: FAQ

brosse à cheveux bouclés

How to choose your hair brush according to your scalp?

Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful, voluminous and silky hair? Many are unaware of this, but the hair brush you use can have a big impact on the health of your hair. Having great hair can be as simple as that! Find out our best hair brushes: the Universal Hair Care Brush, the Essential Do-it-All Brush and the Essential Soft Hair Brush. Exceptional boar bristle brushes designed for your well-being! Which hair brush should I choose if my hair is dry? Because it contains boar bristles, the Universal Hair Care Brush is the best hair brush to fight dry hair....

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Comment nettoyer sa brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

How to clean your boar bristle hair brush

You use it every day: your hair brush is an indispensable tool for detangling your mane and maintaining your scalp. But just like your hair, it deserves to be taken care of. Discover all the tips for cleaning your boar bristle hair brush, your best ally to have beautiful, soft and shiny hair. Tips for maintaining your boar bristle hair brush Your hair brush can quickly become a nest of bacteria if it is not cleaned regularly. Dead hair, dandruff, sebum, dust, hair products... so much dirt that accumulates in the pins and can become your sworn enemy! To maintain...

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Pourquoi choisir une brosse en poils de sanglier ?

Why choose a boar bristle hairbrush?

You've often dreamed of the perfect hair brush, but your hopes of finding it are gone? Think again! There is a miracle brush that detangles and deeply moisturizes all hair types. Find out all the benefits of the boar bristle brush La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush! Boar bristles brush: your best ally to take care of your hair If you have damaged hair or if you are looking for a way to gently detangle and massage your hair, choose a boar bristle brush! Did you know that boar bristles have the same composition as our own hair? Because...

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femme avec brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

When to brush your hair?

While it is of course crucial to take care of your hair, it is just as important to do it at the right time. Or rather, at the right times, since we advise you to brush your hair several times every day. The idea is to perform different types of rituals, each with a specific purpose. And for all of these to be as effective as possible, you'll also need the right hair brush. That is, the tool that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your hair and scalp. When to brush your hair? For beautiful hair, we recommend...

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