La Bonne Brosse is proud to present its new boar bristle hairbrush: Pucci massaging brush. This beautiful hair brush is the result of a long-awaited collaboration with the ready-to-wear brand Emilio Pucci. It stands out for its softness and colorful design: it brings lightness and cheerfulness to a world that is often all too serious.

A colorful boar bristle hairbrush

Discover our new boar bristle and nylon hairbrush: a unique collaboration between La Bonne Brosse and Pucci. United by shared values such as cheerfulness and self-care, our two brands have embarked on an exciting adventure: creating a hairbrush that combines efficiency and joie de vivre.

Recognisable by its oval curves and tangy pink color, this boar bristle hairbrush is adorned with the iconic symbol of the House of Pucci: a double fish interlaced in the shape of a P. A trendy design that's sure to add a modern and aesthetic touch to your home.

Incredible benefits for your hair

Because it's made from boar bristles, this massaging brush has incredible moisturizing properties. Rich in keratin, boar bristles help close hair scales and distribute sebum as evenly as possible from the roots to the ends: say goodbye to dry hair ! To make it easier to detangle your hair, we've also chosen to combine boar bristles with nylon fibers. Hand-assembled by our craftsmen on ultra-flexible rubber and cut into irregular shapes, the nylon fibers easily work their way through your hair: no knots can resist them! What's more, thanks to the epoxy microbeads, this boar bristle and nylon brush feels really soft and caressing. When it comes into contact with the scalp, it provides a real revitalizing massage, helping to improve microcirculation and hair growth in particular.

How to use your boar bristle and nylon hairbrush?

Suitable for all hair types (straight hair, flexible hair, oily hair, dry hair, etc.), Pucci massaging brush can be used at any time of the day. Ideal to gently detangle your hair, style it or cleanse it, it will become your best ally on a daily basis. However, we recommend using it on dry or slightly damp hair to preserve the benefits of boar bristles.

Finally, don't forget that to be effective, your boar bristle and nylon hairbrush needs to be well cared for. Give it a velvet or satin pouch to protect it from dust and micro-shocks!