Christmas is just around the corner and you're looking for an original, useful and thoughtful gift for a loved one? How about a personalised hair brush? Discover our different models and their benefits for your hair: renowned for their massaging and moisturizing properties, our boar bristle brushes add shine, volume and care!

Personalised hair brushes : a unique design

Find the perfect gift for Christmas with La Bonne Brosse: give a personalised hair brush that looks like no other! Designed with traditional craftsmanship in our workshops in the south of France, our hair brushes come in a wide range of colors: cherry red, terracotta, yellow, beige, berry pink, blue, coral...
Select the color and the engraving of your choice: a name, a love note, a symbolic phrase... Your message will then be placed letter by letter on the side of the brush and will undoubtedly delight the person you give it to. Much more than an accessory, this personalised hair brush will remind her every day how much you care about them!

Boar bristle brush : numerous benefits for your hair

Our personalised hair brushes aren’t just nice objects: they're also great for your hair and scalp. To make that special someone happy, and ensure they get the most out of their hair brush, customise your gift right down to the last detail by choosing the model that best suits their needs.

For fragile or oily hair, we recommend our Universal Hair Care boar bristle hair brush or the Essential Soft Hair Brush. Rich in keratin, these two hair brushes will naturally moisturise your hair: no more dry ends! On top of that, they will remove excess sebum from the roots and distribute it evenly throughout the hair, keeping it clean for longer!
For thick or curly hair, our nylon hair brush is a must! 100% vegan, it's the ideal tool for effectively detangling tangles deep down.

There's a brush for every hair type! Discover our different models: boar bristle brush, nylon vegan brush, boar bristle & nylon brush... and choose the one that's right for that special person!

Need help finding the perfect model? La Bonne Brosse offers you an online hair diagnosis to help you make the right choice!

Due to a large number of orders, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.