Looking for an original baby gift? How about a baby hairbrush? La Bonne Brosse presents its magnificent baby brushes: objects designed with love and expertise, to take care of young children’s sensitive scalps.

A gift that blends both utility and pleasantness

Children's scalps are particularly fragile from an early age. That's why it's important to use the right hairbrush to avoid harming them.

With their well-being in mind, La Bonne Brosse has launched a range of baby brushes specially designed for children aged 0 to 6. Made from white boar bristles, our baby hair brushes are particularly soft: they offer a real caressing sensation while brushing. With their light and small handles, they're perfectly suited to little hands, so they'll pass easily from yours to theirs.

In terms of aesthetics, we've opted for a rounded shape and delicate colors (cream, light blue, pink), symbolizing softness and tenderness. Our baby brushes are real design objets, adapting to all styles of interior, from the most modern to the most classic. These unique baby gifts are bound to please young and old alike.

Baby hairbrushes: a unique expertise

Made in France, our baby brushes are the result of a traditional manufacturing process that is the hallmark of French brushing excellence. It all starts with our choice of materials: we always make sure that they respect people and the environment. Our baby hair brushes are no exception to the rule.

For the handle, we've opted for biodegradable cellulose acetate: a noble material that's pleasant to the touch and renowned for its resistance and anti-allergic properties. To ensure a fine brushing action, we have decided to use 100% natural organic fibers: white boar bristles hand-laid on ultra-soft rubber for optimum rebound. We are only using boar bristles from the first cut so that they are full of keratin: a protein that is essential for healthy hair. Renowned for its moisturizing properties, keratin adds shine, strength and elasticity.

Did you know? : Although keratin is naturally synthesized in humans, it does not renew itself. That's why using a boar bristle hairbrush is really good for your hair.