The holiday season is approaching! Are you looking for a useful and enjoyable gift for a loved one? Check out our best hair brushes and our special end of the year offers: you're sure to find the perfect gift with La Bonne Brosse!

DUO offer: the small brush and its small pouch

Easy to carry, the small brush is by far the best hair brush for people who travel a lot. In a pocket, in a bag or in a suitcase, the small brush fits almost anywhere! With our DUO offer, you also get a small velvet and silk pouch to protect it from impacts and dirt: enjoy a festive and generous end of year celebrations with La Bonne Brosse!

TRIO offer: comb, hair brush and pouch

All things come in threes! With our TRIO offer, the hair brush, detangling comb and hair brush pouch are at €164 instead of €184.

Make the most of this special offer and choose from our best hair brushes: The Universal Hair Care Brush, made with boar bristles, The Essential Do-it-all, made with boar bristles and nylon fibers, The Essential Soft Hair Brush, for sensitive scalps, and The Miracle, the vegan brush with nylon fibers.
Accompanied by a protective pouch and a detangling comb, each of our brushes guarantees complete hair care. After just a few days' use, the result is simply stunning!

Not sure which hair brush to choose? With our online hair diagnosis, you can make the right choice: in just a few minutes, you'll know whether you should opt for a boar bristle brush, a nylon fiber brush or a combination of the two!

DELUXE offer: the comb, the right brush, the round brush and the pouch

Why choose when you can have everything? Thanks to the DELUXE offer, you can get a detangling comb, a good hair brush, a round brush and a pouch, all for €280 instead of €312.

Ideal when you're on the move, the small hair brush is the perfect all-rounder! Both massaging and detangling, it's just as effective as the big one. As for the round brush, it's the best boar bristle hair brush for styling that protects hair from heat and pollution. Try it now!

CHRISTMAS GIFT BOX: the best hair brush of your choice and its pretty box

Designed to brush hair gently and give it care and shine, our brushes are among the best hair brushes available. Discover our many options: small boar bristle brush, nylon fiber brush, round brush... You're sure to find what you're looking for in our shop!

And with the festive season just around the corner, don't miss out on our Christmas gift box offer. From 9 November, the hair brush of your choice and its pretty red and black case are 10% off!

Comb offer: detangling comb and its pouch

Perfect for both short and long hair, the detangling comb is the ideal tool for gently detangling hair. With its wide teeth, it's also ideal for curly hair. Multipurpose and effective, it's an everyday essential!

Enjoy our special end of year celebration comb offer: the detangling comb and pouch are €50 instead of €53!