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Florence and Romain from the 'L'Appartement Parisien' design studio

Florence and Romain designed the La Bonne Brosse hair brush with the utmost care and attention.

Specialising in the design and styling of beautiful objects, the duo has an expert eye for colour and space (they are also interior designers). They instinctively understood what we were trying to create: an object that would be both elegant and functional and would add a touch of joy and beauty to the bathroom.

our manufacturer

The last remaining traditional brush makers in France

When we started the La Bonne Brosse project, we knew we wanted to work with the best French brushmakers.

Our manufacturer is an 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (a Living Heritage Company), meaning that they still use the ancestral techniques of traditional brushmakers to handcraft brushes from the highest quality materials.

With La Bonne Brosse, Stéphane and his team agreed to revisit their traditional methods and to renew the classic structure of their hair brushes in order deliver a highly effective brush of unequalled softness.

our supplier

The last traditional French acetate producer

The Jura valley is the birthplace of the French comb industry and the home of the first cellulose acetate manufacturers.

Acetate is a high quality, natural material made from 70% wood fibers. It was initially created to replace animal horn, the raw material upon which the Jura brush and comb industry was founded.

A century and a half later, the Jura valley has become the seat of the modern French plastics industry, although sadly most of the materials are now derived from petrochemicals.

Alexis is a local entrepreneur who still produces cellulose acetate in the traditional way. We worked with him to come up with the innovative handle of our hair brush and are proud that La Bonne Brosse is now part of the ecosystem of traditional brush making in France.