La Bonne Brosse sleep collection

Sleep has many benefits. When we sleep, our whole body regenerates itself: our organs, tissues and cells. With your well-being in mind, we've designed 3 accessories to help you sleep better : a sleep turban, a silk pillowcase and a velvet and silk sleeping mask.
Find out more about the products of our sleep collection and their benefits for your skin and hair.

Velvet and silk pillowcase

Tired of waking up every morning with tangled hair? Why not try our velvet and silk pillowcase? Renowned for its softness, silk prevents friction during the night, so your hair stays smooth until the early hours of the morning. And thanks to its water-repellent properties, it protects skin and hair from dehydration. There's nothing better for a healthy glow from the moment you wake up!

Velvet and silk sleeping mask

It's not always easy to fall asleep, especially when you're sensitive to light. What if you opted for a night mask to give yourself a more peaceful environment?

Discover our velvet and silk sleeping mask: your best ally for a calm and recuperative sleep. Incomparably soft, silk has many benefits for hair and skin. It allows your night mask to adapt comfortably to the contour of your face without leaving a trace on the skin. What's more, it has inherent properties that discourage the proliferation of dust mites: no more allergies!

Velvet and silk sleep turban

Protect your hair from dirt and rough handling with our silk sleep turban. Thanks to its adjustable elastic band, this silk sleep turban can be fastened around the head without snagging hair. Say goodbye to chafing and unmanageable tangles: silk limits damage and provides softness and comfort all night long. Ideal for sensitive scalps, this silk sleep turban reduces irritation, itching and static electricity: sleep tight with La Bonne Brosse!