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brosse à cheveux bouclés

How to choose your hair brush according to your scalp?

Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful, voluminous and silky hair? Many are unaware of this, but the hair brush you use can have a big impact on the health of your hair. Having great hair can be as simple as that! Find out our best hair brushes: the Universal Hair Care Brush, the Essential Do-it-All Brush and the Essential Soft Hair Brush. Exceptional boar bristle brushes designed for your well-being! Which hair brush should I choose if my hair is dry? Because it contains boar bristles, the Universal Hair Care Brush is the best hair brush to fight dry hair....

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Comment nettoyer sa brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

How to clean your boar bristle hair brush

You use it every day: your hair brush is an indispensable tool for detangling your mane and maintaining your scalp. But just like your hair, it deserves to be taken care of. Discover all the tips for cleaning your boar bristle hair brush, your best ally to have beautiful, soft and shiny hair. Tips for maintaining your boar bristle hair brush Your hair brush can quickly become a nest of bacteria if it is not cleaned regularly. Dead hair, dandruff, sebum, dust, hair products... so much dirt that accumulates in the pins and can become your sworn enemy! To maintain...

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Pourquoi choisir une brosse en poils de sanglier ?

Why choose a boar bristle hairbrush?

You've often dreamed of the perfect hair brush, but your hopes of finding it are gone? Think again! There is a miracle brush that detangles and deeply moisturizes all hair types. Find out all the benefits of the boar bristle brush La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush! Boar bristles brush: your best ally to take care of your hair If you have damaged hair or if you are looking for a way to gently detangle and massage your hair, choose a boar bristle brush! Did you know that boar bristles have the same composition as our own hair? Because...

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femme avec brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

When to brush your hair?

While it is of course crucial to take care of your hair, it is just as important to do it at the right time. Or rather, at the right times, since we advise you to brush your hair several times every day. The idea is to perform different types of rituals, each with a specific purpose. And for all of these to be as effective as possible, you'll also need the right hair brush. That is, the tool that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your hair and scalp. When to brush your hair? For beautiful hair, we recommend...

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Quelle est la meilleure brosse à cheveux pour la chute de cheveux ?

What is the best hairbrush for hair loss?

Our hair has a lifespan of between 2 and 7 years. So it's only natural that it will eventually fall out and be replaced by new hair! But when hair loss becomes too significant, i.e. more than 100 hairs per day, it may be a sign of an abnormality and requires specific treatment. Stress, menopause, hormonal imbalance: many factors can cause excessive hair loss. Find out which hair brush is the best to use to prevent hair loss and the recommended brushing techniques to stimulate hair growth. How to choose your hair brush to slow down hair loss? Hair loss...

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Comment traiter la chute de cheveux post-partum ?

How to treat postpartum hair loss?

On average, we lose up to 100 hairs a day. Pregnant women, however, are an exception to the rule. Because their hormone levels are very different, pregnant women lose very little hair during pregnancy : on the contrary, their hair even grows a lot ! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After giving birth, the body tries to return to normal and all the hair that was in excess ends up falling out: this is known as postpartum hair loss. Although this phenomenon is, in most cases, a natural process, it is not always very pleasant....

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Comment brosser ses cheveux bouclés ?

How to brush your curly hair?

As you probably know, your hair needs to be cared for. But straight hair is not cared for in the same way as curly hair! Find out how to brush your curly or frizzy hair without breaking or damaging it with The Good Brush. Is it a good idea to brush curly hair? If you are tired of having your hair disheveled after each brushing, rest assured: there is a technique to avoid this. You are allowed to brush your curly hair, just don't do it when it's dry!Unlike straight hair, type 3 curly hair needs to be damp during...

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La meilleure brosse à cheveux pour cheveux bouclés

The best hairbrush for curly hair

It is an integral part of our look and personality: our hair says a lot about us! And yet, without meaning to, we sometimes give it a hard time: we pull it, cut it, dye it, break it... Protecting our hair is not always an easy task! Even if all types of hair deserve to be pampered, curls tend to be more fragile and therefore require special attention. If you have curly or frizzy hair, find out which hair brush is best for your curls and what you need to do to take care of them. What is the best...

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soin cheveux brillants

What is the best hair brush for shiny hair?

Are you wondering how to get healthy hair? Let us share with you our secrets to get beautiful and shiny hair. Find out our different tips and our unique boar bristle hair brushes: they are all made in France designed to take care of your hair. How to choose the right hair brush? If you believe that your hair brush has no other use than detangling, think again! It is the accessory that is most in contact with your hair: your hair brush plays a vital role in the health of your hair and scalp! Not sure which hair brush...

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brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier pour cheveux gras

My hair gets oily after I use my hair brush: is this normal ?

You have recently purchased a boar bristle hair brush from La Bonne Brosse, but you feel that somehow, your hair gets greasy faster after brushing it? Want to know how to space out your shampoos? Check out our tips and advice on how to get the most out of your boar bristle hair brush and get rid of greasy hair. A boar bristle brush to enhance your hair Our boar bristle brushes are the best hair brushes to prevent your hair from getting greasy. Thanks to their boar bristles, our hair brushes distribute the sebum all along the hair fiber...

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femme avec une petite brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

Brushing your hair: mistakes that you should avoid

You probably brush your hair every day, but are you sure you are doing it the right way? Find out what mistakes you should avoid when brushing your hair and find which is the best hair brush for you with La Bonne Brosse. Mistake 1: Using the wrong hair brush Many people neglect the choice of their hair brush. And yet, it is a fundamental criterion to have beautiful hair. We are all different: so is our hair! So be careful to choose a hair brush adapted to your needs in order to get the best out of it. Whether...

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coffret collab brosse à cheveux vegan La Bonne Brosse et Aime

Aime & La Bonne Brosse collaboration

You are sensitive to light, humidity and changes in temperature. So is your hair! As spring is coming, your hair might actually need a little help to regenerate. Discover the benefits of our vegan hair brush made in France and the Hair & Scalp Boost food supplement from Aime the perfect combination to take care of your scalp and your hair all year long! Enhance your hair with our 100% nylon vegan hair brush Did you know that you could take care of your hair and protect the planet at the same time?Entirely made in France and from noble and...

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Comment se recoiffer en 5 minutes avec La Brosse Ronde N.05

Comment se recoiffer en 5 minutes avec La Brosse Ronde N.05

Les 5 ÉTAPES clés d’un BRUSHING MAISON rapide et facile avec notre nouvelle Brosse Ronde n.05.+ un tips caché 😉@mathildehairstylist (aka: the best personal hairstylist in Paris) nous livre ses précieux conseils pour réussir certaines étapes clés:- magnifier l’encadré du visage- travailler le volume à l’arrière de la tête…Et vous, vous maîtrisez déjà l’art du brushing à la maison ?

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Q&A Julie Granger : Fondatrice de The Studio

Q&A Julie Granger: Founder of The Studio

Beaucoup de maitres yogis parlent des bienfaits du yoga, notamment des inversions, sur les cheveux. En tant qu’experte du yoga, que pouvez-vous nous dire ? Lors d’une inversion, la tête est proche du sol. On travaille contre la gravité tout en boostant la circulation sanguine au niveau du cuir chevelu. On observe alors au niveau de cette zone un rush de sang et donc de bons nutriments. Lors d’une inversion, les cheveux sont donc oxygénés et nourris. Je conseille les inversions pendant lesquelles la tête est plus basse que le cœur comme par exemple la chandelle. Et je déconseille aux...

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brosse à cheveux en poils de sanglier

Q&A Flore des Robert and Pauline Laurent : Co-founder of La Bonne Brosse

1- Quelles étaient les lignes directrices à l’origine de La Bonne Brosse ? Pauline :  1- L'engagement pour une beauté durable. Nous avions à cœur de produire des objets durables qui nous apprennent à prendre soin de nos cheveux autrement et en réduisant de façon importante notre consommation quotidienne de cosmétiques à la composition parfois discutable et de polluants d'origine plastique à usage unique...Un brossage des cheveux régulier est le geste « slow beauty » par excellence puisqu’il peut réduire de moitié l'usage de produits cosmétiques capillaires ! 2- La qualité artisanale. Nos partenaires, designers, entreprises du patrimoine vivant (EPV)...

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Complément alimentaire et santé des cheveux : Interview avec Ehsane Cassam fondateur de Hygèe

Food supplements and hair health: Interview with Ehsane Cassam, founder of Hygèe

Hello Ehsane, you are the founder of Hygée, a brand of food supplements based on adaptogenic plants. Can you tell us a little about your background?    I grew up surrounded by pharmacists, and my parents are entrepreneurs in cosmetics. I am also of Indian origin, functional food has always been part of my daily life without me really realizing it (thanks to my grandmothers!). So I have been immersed in the world of wellness since I was a child. When I started my professional life, I began to have small imbalances. I couldn't really find a solution in traditional...

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La collection sommeil La Bonne Brosse

La Bonne Brosse sleep collection

La Bonne Brosse sleep collection Sleep has many benefits. When we sleep, our whole body regenerates itself: our organs, tissues and cells. With your well-being in mind, we've designed 3 accessories to help you sleep better : a sleep turban, a silk pillowcase and a velvet and silk sleeping mask. Find out more about the products of our sleep collection and their benefits for your skin and hair. Velvet and silk pillowcase Tired of waking up every morning with tangled hair? Why not try our velvet and silk pillowcase? Renowned for its softness, silk prevents friction during the night, so...

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5 idées cadeaux pour les fêtes de fin d'année : nos meilleures brosses a cheveux

5 gift ideas for the end of year celebrations: our best hair brushes

The holiday season is approaching! Are you looking for a useful and enjoyable gift for a loved one? Check out our best hair brushes and our special end of the year offers: you're sure to find the perfect gift with La Bonne Brosse! DUO offer: the small brush and its small pouch Easy to carry, the small brush is by far the best hair brush for people who travel a lot. In a pocket, in a bag or in a suitcase, the small brush fits almost anywhere! With our DUO offer, you also get a small velvet and silk pouch...

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Offrez une brosse à cheveux personnalisée à vos proches !

A perfect gift for your loved ones: personalised hair brush!

Christmas is just around the corner and you're looking for an original, useful and thoughtful gift for a loved one? How about a personalised hair brush? Discover our different models and their benefits for your hair: renowned for their massaging and moisturizing properties, our boar bristle brushes add shine, volume and care! Personalised hair brushes : a unique design Find the perfect gift for Christmas with La Bonne Brosse: give a personalised hair brush that looks like no other! Designed with traditional craftsmanship in our workshops in the south of France, our hair brushes come in a wide range of...

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