This year, the Oscar for best massaging hairbrush goes to La Bonne Brosse! We are proud to announce that Emma Stone chose the n°4 Miracle hair brush, one of our best-sellers, to enhance her hair before the ceremony. As she was rewarded for her role in the movie "Poor Creatures", the famous actress caused a sensation with her soft and radiant hair.

Discover the benefits of this exceptional hair brush: 100% vegan, an essential tool for caring for your scalp and your hair.

A relaxing and revitalizing massage

Renowned for its extreme softness, the Miracle massaging brush is made from vegan nylon fibers. An epoxy micro-bead is deposited on each fiber, allowing your hairbrush to glide through your hair with the utmost delicacy. Designed to suit all hair and scalp types, it's even suitable for children.

Easy to handle, this hairbrush can also be used to massage your scalp. More than just a moment of relaxation, it provides a real treatment that not only improves blood microcirculation, but also encourages hair regrowth. Simple gestures that you can incorporate into your hair routine, like Emma Stone, in order to have radiant hair every day.

A massaging and detangling hairbrush

2 in 1, the Miracle massaging brush is also renowned for its detangling properties. The rigidity of its fibers has been specifically designed to suit all hair types, especially thick, wavy and curly. Implanted irregularly on ultra-soft natural rubber, its ball-shaped nylon fibers easily penetrate your hair without breaking the curls. That's exactly what allowed Emma Stone to make a sensation on the red carpet. Thanks to her Bonne Brosse n°4, the American actress was able to reveal her beautiful copper hair and her thick waves: a natural hairstyle that was 100% on-trend. With a tailored Louis Vuitton dress to complete her look, Emma Stone was truly at the height of elegance.

Carefully designed in our workshops in France, the Miracle massaging and detangling hair brush has a biodegradable cellulose acetate handle: strong, pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic, it's absolutely risk-free! True to our values, this massaging brush respects your skin and hair, as well as the environment. Entirely vegan, it reflects La Bonne Brosse's philosophy: handcrafted quality and sincerity above all.

How do I use the Miracle massaging and detangling brush?

Start by detangling your lengths and work your way up to your scalp. Once your hair is detangled, massage your scalp from the top of the forehead to the back of the head, passing through the temples.

Used in the morning, in the evening or any other time of day, the n°4 massaging hairbrush works equally well on wet or dry hair. However, we recommend using it on wet or damp hair, as this will allow your treatments to work better into your hair fiber.