Why 'Made in France’?

At La Bonne Brosse, we believe that the hair brush is that rare thing, a precious everyday object. It should reflect the care we choose to give to ourselves and our planet. To offer you the very best hair brushes, we decided to take up the Made in France challenge. Allow us to explain why.

a French tradition a story of people and relationships
a French tradition

Luxury hair brushes: a French industry

The world of French luxury hairbrush manufacturing has its roots in the Jura and Oise valleys and was created in response to the needs of the European royal courts. Hairbrush making flourished until the beginning of the 20th century when the arrival of cheaper brushes, made mainly from plastics and other petrochemical derivatives, heralded its downfall. The historical know-how from this once flourishing industry is at the heart of our story and we are proud to play a part in its revival.

We have chosen to work with a company that understands haircare and the importance of quality brushing better than most. As a French 'Living Heritage Company', they continue to use the traditional artisanal techniques that have contributed to the renown of the French hairbrush industry.

a story of people and relationships

Working locally with respect for people and the planet

We work with partners and artisans who share our vision that the hair brush is a product of quality. Thanks to a totally transparent and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, they help us to guarantee the origin, safety and artisanal quality of each of our hair brushes.

Much of the international hair brush market is dominated by factories whose human and environmental conditions are sub-standard. We believe that a product that is so important for beauty and wellbeing deserves to be designed and made with the utmost care.