Finding the right hair brush for your scalp is not the easiest task when you have greasy hair. But don’t worry, at La Bonne Brosse, there is a hair brush for every hair type. Find out which hair brush is best for treating oily hair and slowing down sebum production.

The best hair brush for greasy hair

We are all different. So is our hair! This is why La Bonne Brosse has designed different detangling combs and hair brushes to suit all types of scalps. Because it is made from boar bristles, the Universal Hair Care Brush N°01 is the best hair brush for oily hair. It removes sebum from the roots and distributes it evenly over the entire length of the hair: finally, your hair can breathe! Say goodbye to dry ends: thanks to your boar bristle hair brush, your hair is moisturized throughout its length. And because it is so gentle, it doesn't stimulate sebum production unnecessarily: your hair stays clean longer.
If your hair also tends to tangle quickly, choose the Essential Do-it-all Hair Brush N°02 : the multitasking brush! Thanks to its nylons and boar bristles, it gently penetrates your mane and detangles every knot while removing excess sebum from the roots. And if you have a particularly sensitive scalp, opt for The Essential Soft Hair Brush N°03 for a moment of intense relaxation!

Good habits to get rid of oily scalp

Oily hair is caused by an excess of sebum, but many factors can contribute to this phenomenon: hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, poor diet, etc. This is why a healthy lifestyle and certain actions are essential: taking care of your hair brush in particular! It is impossible to keep your hair clean if you are using a hair brush full of dust and dirt. So remember to clean your boar bristle brush regularly to keep it at its best. You should also know that the more you brush your hair, the more you stimulate the production of sebum. It is true that our hair brushes are addictive, but you should be careful not to brush your hair too often! Brushing 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes is more than enough. Also, the more frequently you wash your hair, the faster your hair will re-grease. So be sure to space out your shampoos to avoid overproduction of sebum.