Are you wondering how to get healthy hair? Let us share with you our secrets to get beautiful and shiny hair. Find out our different tips and our unique boar bristle hair brushes: they are all made in France designed to take care of your hair.

How to choose the right hair brush?

If you believe that your hair brush has no other use than detangling, think again! It is the accessory that is most in contact with your hair: your hair brush plays a vital role in the health of your hair and scalp! Not sure which hair brush to choose? Discover the characteristics of our different boar bristle brushes and find the model that is right for you!

1- The Universal Hair Care Brush

Because they contain keratin, the boar bristles of the Universal Hair Care Brush provide a moisturizing treatment for your hair. They distribute sebum from the roots to the ends: your hair is well nourished, cleansed of all impurities and simply radiant! And if you have straight, dry or wavy hair, feel free to use this 100% boar bristle brush too since it adapts to all hair types!

2 - The Essential Do-it-All Hair brush

Inspired by the Universal Hair Care Brush, the Essential Do-it-All hair brush contains not only boar bristles, but also nylon spikes. This combination effectively detangles knots while providing the softness your hair deserves. It is definitely the perfect combo for shiny hair!

3 - The Essential Soft Hair Brush - Sensitive scalp

If you have sensitive hair or suffer from itching, then the Essential Soft Hair Brush is the one for you! Specially designed for sensitive hair, this boar bristle and nylon brush offers a real relaxing massage. It is so gentle that it does not unnecessarily stimulate the sebaceous glands: it is particularly effective on hair that tends to get oily quickly!

What can I do to have shiny hair?

1 - Using your hair brush properly

Great news: you have found the hair brush that suits you best. But do you know how to use it correctly to get shiny hair? Rule number 1: detangle your hair from the bottom to the top to avoid breaking it. Rule number 2: work your way up section by section. Rule number 3: banish sudden movements, your hair needs gentleness!

2 - Taking care of your boar bristle hair brush

Needless to say, a dirty and badly maintained hair brush loses its effectiveness. To get the most out of your boar bristle brush, remember to regularly clean your hair brush with a small comb to remove accumulated dirt. And to protect your brush when you travel, simply slip it into its velvet and satin pouch!

3 - Have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Our lifestyle has a major impact on our health and well-being. Get enough sleep, drink water regularly, eat a healthy diet... Never neglect those good habits that will not only help you feel better every day, but also make your hair shiny, stronger and fuller.