If you believe that only celebrities have silky and voluminous hair, think again! With the right hair brush and a few simple techniques, you can give your hair a real boost! Find out how to stimulate the regrowth of your fine hair with our miracle detangling brush and how to revitalize your hair with our brushing techniques.

The Good Brush: the best hair brush for fine hair

You wish you had strong and voluminous hair, but your hair seems determined to stay thin and flat? What if you took matters into your own hands? Rich in nylon and boar bristles, our Universal Hair Care Brush is particularly suited for fine hair. While it removes knots perfectly, this boar bristle brush also draws out the sebum present in your hair to distribute it better over all your lengths: not only your roots are aerated but your hair is also hydrated and is more voluminous! Don't be surprised if after a few weeks of use, you start to notice that you have little baby hairs. This is a sign of new growth — finally, your hair is growing back! Regular brushing with a boar bristle hair brush is an essential step to get more hair volume: try and see!

To find out which hair brush is best suited to your scalp, do your hair diagnosis online and find out which one will be Your Good Brush!

Fine hair: brushing techniques to stimulate regrowth

Using your boar bristle brush properly is essential to have healthy and voluminous hair. A poor brushing can have a negative effect on the look of your hair, especially if you have fine hair. So don't overlook these tips to make your brushing session as enjoyable as it is beneficial. First of all, don't make any sudden or fast movement. Your hair only needs one thing: gentleness! There's nothing like gentle, slow movements to effectively detangle fine hair. To increase the density of your hair, also remember to separate your hair into sections and detangle from the bottom to the top. Finally, you can finish your session with a little massage ritual: use the pins of your boar bristle hair brush to make small circular movements on your scalp. This will activate the microcirculation, accelerate hair growth and revitalize your hair. Treat yourself with a little moment of relaxation: it is a treat you can’t refuse!

Did you know that deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin C or zinc can have a negative impact on your hair? Don't hesitate to contact your doctor and ask for food supplements to help you gain volume.