Winter is often synonymous with static hair. Another little problem we'd like to get rid of.

Here's everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

Where does static electricity in our hair come from?

It comes from the friction between the negatively and positively charged particles of clothes, a comb and our hair. Like magnets, the opposite charges attract each other and create this effect of aspiration towards the element (a comb, sweater, scarf, etc.).

This is a phenomenon that worsens in winter

The dry and cold air of winter does not allow the keratin in our hair to absorb the necessary moisture. As a result, as it dries out, it becomes electric.

How to prevent static electricity in hair:

  • By moisturizing your hair, the less dry it is, the less static it will be. 

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  • By choosing natural materials for your clothes. Forget about synthetics.
  • By washing your hair at night with a moisturizing formula.
  • By rinsing your hair with fresh water, as hot water dehydrates it.
  • By using silk or satin pillowcases.

PRO TIP for combatting static:

Wet your hands slightly then pat your hair. 

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