If you are struggling with greasy hair, you certainly need a few tips to learn how to keep your hair clean longer. La Bonne Brosse gives you 3 tips to help you get rid of greasy hair.

Spacing out shampoos for healthier hair

When your hair is greasy, you tend to wash it more often... too often! Washing your hair too often can damage the scalp and greatly increase sebum production, which is precisely what we want to avoid ! To get rid of greasy hair, we therefore advise you to reduce the frequency of your shampoos. Don't worry, you can do it progressively. How about washing your hair once every two days to start with instead of everyday? After a short transition period, you will notice that your hair and scalp adapt easily to their new lifestyle. They are less greasy and look healthier!

Using a boar bristle hair brush to get rid of greasy hair

Brushing is an essential step to clean and purify your hair. But you still need to have the right hair brush to do it ! That's why we've designed boar bristle hair brushes that are particularly effective against greasy hair. Because they are rich in keratin, our hair brushes are perfectly adapted to the composition of our hair: they are soft for the scalp. Thanks to the boar bristles, they absorb impurities and distribute sebum evenly over the lengths — no more greasy roots, your hair can finally breathe! Some of our hair brushes are also made with nylons in order to make detangling easier: no knot can resist them!

To prevent your hair from regreasing too quickly, avoid running your fingers through your hair too often. Your hands are a real ground for bacteria: there is nothing worse to have dirty hair. Use your boar bristle brush instead! Also remember to clean your boar bristle hair brush regularly: when the brush is clean, the hair is clean too !

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to stop getting greasy hair

Did you know that an unbalanced diet could make your scalp greasy? To avoid this, we advise you to eat certain types of food in moderation. These include sweets, fried foods, cold cuts, alcohol, salty products, etc. On the contrary, you should eat more vegetables, fruit, and products that are rich in vitamin B — and don’t forget to drink water! For your hair and your general well-being, adopt a healthy lifestyle!

A healthy diet, a regular, but not too frequent, shampooing and the use of the right hair brush are all essential for the care of your hair. Discover our N°01 Universal Hair Care Hair Brush: the ideal brush to treat oily hair. If you have a sensitive scalp and fragile hair, opt for the N°03 Essential Soft Hair Brush instead.