While it is of course crucial to take care of your hair, it is just as important to do it at the right time. Or rather, at the right times, since we advise you to brush your hair several times every day. The idea is to perform different types of rituals, each with a specific purpose. And for all of these to be as effective as possible, you'll also need the right hair brush. That is, the tool that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your hair and scalp.

When to brush your hair?

For beautiful hair, we recommend that you brush it three times a day:

  • In the morning to detangle it, distribute the sebum secreted during the night and to style the hair. For example, with our boar bristle hair brush. However, beware that some curly hair is not necessarily fond of being brushed in the morning, as it can give it too much volume.
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  • During the day, for an always welcome burst of freshness.
  • In the evening, to rid your hair of the impurities accumulated during the day with a massaging nylon fiber hair brush, but also to refocus a little on yourself. A ritual that could also become a moment shared with your child or partner.

Remember that each hair brushing session should last at least two minutes. That's 120 seconds to reconnect with yourself, and perform one of the most ancestral and meditative beauty rituals.


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