You use it every day: your hair brush is an indispensable tool for detangling your mane and maintaining your scalp. But just like your hair, it deserves to be taken care of. Discover all the tips for cleaning your boar bristle hair brush, your best ally to have beautiful, soft and shiny hair.

Tips for maintaining your boar bristle hair brush

Your hair brush can quickly become a nest of bacteria if it is not cleaned regularly. Dead hair, dandruff, sebum, dust, hair products... so much dirt that accumulates in the pins and can become your sworn enemy! To maintain your boar bristle hair brush, remember to remove all these residues with a small comb at least once a week. For a thorough cleaning once a month, run a damp cloth between each bristle of your hair brush. This will remove all the dust inside. Then air dry your brush with the bristles facing down. In order to preserve the quality of the follicles of your boar bristle hair brush, we do not recommend soaking it entirely in water.

If you always have your hair brush in your handbag, store it in a satin hair brush pouch to protect it from external aggressions and dirt!

The benefits of a well-maintained boar bristle hair brush

A well-maintained hair brush is a brush that lasts much longer. And the benefits are even better! When the brush is clean, the hair is clean: it regresses less quickly, it is stronger and healthier. Without dust and residue, the pins of the hair brush penetrate the hair more easily and untangle knots efficiently, without any resistance. Say goodbye to rough movements: dare to use gentle, slow movements and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation! Take the time to massage your head for a few moments with your boar bristle hair brush : this will stimulate the bulb and provide all the nutrients needed to revitalize your hair.

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