Tomorrow, April 1 2022, a new moon will form. It is called the "black" moon, since it is the second new moon within a month.

The phenomenon of tides alone proves the moon’s influence on the world's oceans. Those who believe in its power are convinced that it also acts on the water reserves of the human body and hair. We could therefore follow the lunar calendar to make our hair grow faster, boost the effectiveness of hair care products and achieve successful hairstyles every time.

Orbiting the earth, the moon transits each sign of the zodiac for one to two days. Its temporary presence in certain signs would also have an influence on our beauty and health.

Here are the most important rules to follow for your hair, that are linked to the lunar cycle

  • Taking care of your hair with the moon: The waxing moon is a symbol of regeneration. This phase favors the rest and renewal of the hair. The effects of conditioners and hair masks applied during the waxing phase are increased tenfold.

  • Cutting hair with the moon:
    • To accelerate hair growth: According to several beliefs, the rising phase of the moon brings a lot of new energy. If you wish to accelerate the growth of your hair, it is advised to cut it at this time: that is to say from now until the day of the full moon.
    • To slow down hair growth: If on the contrary you have short hair and you wish to slow down the growth of your hair, it is better to cut it during the waning phase (between the full moon and the new moon).
    • For denser hair: Fine hair grows denser and thicker if you cut it when the moon is in Leo or Virgo. These astrological signs give it strength. If this is your case, you should cut your hair on April 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14, 2022.
  • Opt for change: When the Moon is waxing, the body, hair and skin are full of energy. This is a time for change, so why not take advantage of it to try a new color? According to the lunar calendar, there are also certain days when it's best to leave your hair alone. Avoid cutting, coloring or conditioning your hair when the moon is in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Whether it's a waxing, waning or full moon, remember to brush your hair well with La Bonne Brosse!