Many internal elements influence the health of our hair and are not taken into account in the diagnosis and treatment of it: diet, emotions, hormones, exercise, positive thoughts, etc. We tend to treat only the visible aspects without asking ourselves if there is an underlying cause.

By choosing a holistic approach in hair care, we can treat our hair as a whole, acting both on its external and internal well-being.

The impact of emotions on the health of our hair

Without words, the hair speaks in the only way it will be heard: hair loss, brittle hair, patches on the scalp, etc. All these syndromes are often triggered by emotional shock, stress or an internal imbalance that affects the health of our hair.

As a reflection of our vitality, our hair mirrors what is happening in our body and is closely linked to our emotions. This connection is widely illustrated in the French language, which has many expressions and phrases highlighting the link between our hair and our emotions: 

  1. To tear out one's hair: to worry; to be stressed; to show deep despair; to be in a state of great stress
  2. To have hair stand on the back of your neck: a sign of fear or emotional shock

But how does this impact our hair? On a biological level, our hair is nourished by the blood via the hair bulb. As soon as we undergo a strong period of stress or emotional shock, the chemical composition of our blood changes, due to an influx of hormones caused by these negative energies.

Treating the visible effects of the problem can act immediately on the capillary problem, but it does not treat the origin of the causes. A holistic approach is needed to heal the internal imbalances and restore healthy hair.

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