Winter is clearly not the hair's favorite season.

At the roots, cold weather combined with hats, rain hoods, scooter helmets or other accessories over-stimulates the glands of the scalp. Meanwhile, throughout the length of the hair and at the ends, the friction of coats, scarves and overheated spaces dry it out. This often results in greasy roots and dry ends.

The mistake, of course, is to rely on a root-stripping approach that would make the situation worse here. Instead, you should protect your hair from the cold weather and drying heat of radiators and opt for the right accessories.

The 5 life-saving steps to take care of your hair in winter:

1. Lighten your hair routine

Overheated spaces and friction from clothing dry out your hair. That's why hairdressers recommend minimizing the use of styling tools in winter. During this season, it is best to remove straighteners, heated brushes, curling irons and other tools from our routine. Go for gentler styling methods, such as La Bonne Brosse hair brushes, aka the best hair brushes, which will take care of your hair.

2. Don’t go out with wet hair!

In very cold temperatures, the water still present in your hair swells and crystallizes, and your hair breaks. Your best ally? An ultra-absorbent hair towel. Keep it on your hair for 5 minutes, then finish drying it with a hair dryer using a cool or warm setting, not hot.

3. Moisturize your hair on the surface

Your hair is thirsty all day long, so you should remember to moisturize it regularly. Keep in mind that there are two key times for this in the week. The first is shampooing. The night before, don't hesitate to sleep with an oil in your hair. As an express option, leave the oil in while you have breakfast – 10 minutes of moisturizing is always better than nothing. The other key step is daily application of a touch of moisturizing cream or oil. Try it and you'll adopt it.

4. Keep an eye on your diet

Just like skin, your hair needs a good supply of fats throughout the winter. It cannot be stressed enough that hydration takes place not only on the surface, but also from within. So from now on, you should always add a dash of olive, avocado or camelina oil to your soups, and sprinkle them copiously with seeds. Finally, in the morning or at 4pm, enrich your snack with a handful of almonds, peanuts or plain nuts!

5. Brush your hair!

It's a fact that there's nothing more effective than the mechanical action of a hair brush to distribute the moisturizing oil that accumulates at your roots. The bottom line is that you should brush the entire length of your hair morning and night. If you brush your hair for two minutes twice a day, you'll soon notice that your hair is less greasy, has more volume and is less dry.

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