A beautiful everyday object. Soft and comfortable. Effective and long lasting.

At La Bonne Brosse, we believe in the beauty of everyday objects, even the most functional ones. Beauty is durable by nature.

To discover and own a beautiful object is a privilege, to keep the memories associated with it. It is with this in mind that we have designed La Bonne Brosse hair brushes. Our hair brushes are perfect companions in your daily life. Ergonomic, soft and comfortable, our brushes respect your hair and give you a real moment of well-being. With its refined design, engraved monogram and noble materials, La Bonne Brosse uses the codes of the greatest fashion Maisons, making the hair brush a timeless luxury accessory.

These unique hair brushes are designed with noble and eco-responsible materials while following an ancestral know-how. In order for La Bonne Brosse hair brushes to satisfy all hair types, we have taken the knowledge and techniques of French brushmakers to create an exclusive, timeless and locally-made object that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Hair brushes made in France. Totally responsible and sustainable, without plastic from petrochemicals.