Our responsible materials

The handle Boar bristle fibers Nylon fibers The cushion
The handle

Made of biodegradable cellulose acetate

Produced in France by the last remaining French acetate manufacturer, our cellulose acetate is an organic resin made of cotton flowers and wood beads, chosen for its hypoallergenic properties, resistance, aesthetic potential and modern look.

This sustainable and responsible material is biodegradable and is not derived from petrochemicals. This combination of innovative materials and age-old know-how is the perfect mirror of the La Bonne Brosse philosophy.

Boar bristle fibers

100% natural organic fibers, rich in keratin

Imported from Southeast Asia, our fibers are natural, light and dense, which allows for smooth brushing of the hair.

Composed of 100% keratin (like your hair!), the fibers of our boar bristle brushes are hypoallergenic, resistant, and avoid static electricity.

Because boar bristles have unique care properties for your hair and has no satisfactory vegan equivalent, we have taken special care to verify its origin and the conditions of its extraction. We have been vigilant when collecting the boar hair that makes up La Bonne Brosse brushes, making sure that it comes from a craft that remains mostly artisanal and not industrial. We have also taken particular care in the selection of these hairs, using only the "first cut" of the boar's hair, i.e. its root, which is very rich in keratin and provides an unparalleled styling effect.

Nylon fibers

French & vegan-friendly nylon

We have chosen precious nylon fibers, among the finest on the market. Made in Europe, their flexibility, thickness and softness have been carefully studied to deliver the softest and most massaging brushing possible. Unlike many vegan alternatives to boar brushes, these fine fibers guarantee ultra-comfortable detangling without breakage.

On our ball-tip nylon hair brushes, our artisans hand lay a micro bead of epoxy on each nylon fiber as a final touch to make the scalp massage even more pleasant and effective. This is why these micro beads may appear irregular when viewed up close.

The cushion

Made of natural, flexible rubber

The comfort and quality of hair brushing are intimately linked to the softness and bounce, called "shore", of the rubber that supports the bristles of the hair brush.

We have therefore chosen the softest shore quality, one that provides the perfect bounce, brushing without breakage and is ultra-comfortable. And finally, one that perfectly follows the curves of the head and neck.