How to treat the scalp?

... ou comment prendre le problème à la racine ! 

Lorsqu’on imagine des cheveux en bonne santé, on pense naturellement à une chevelure volumineuse avec des longueurs brillantes et soyeuses. Pourtant, le cuir chevelu est la source de vitalité des cheveux. C’est là que se trouve le bulbe capillaire qui nourrit et hydrate les cheveux tout au long de leur vie. 

Avant de soigner un problème de cheveux gras, sec ou cassants, il convient d’analyser l’état général du cuir chevelu qui est souvent à l’origine de ces déséquilibres. Tout comme la peau, le cuir chevelu est agressé par des facteurs extérieurs qui endommagent sa couche supérieure. Lorsque son film hydrolipidique est abimé, le cuir chevelu peut devenir gras, sec et irrité, impactant la santé de la fibre capillaire. 

Notre ambition chez La Bonne Brosse, c'est de vous faire découvrir les bons gestes pour agir sur votre cuir chevelu, avec les bons outils & les bonnes techniques de massage. C'est le point de départ pour retrouver un cuir chevelu sain, et des cheveux éclatants de beauté.


oily scalp dry and irritated scalp sensitive scalp scalp massage
oily scalp

How can brushing help to balance an oily scalp?

An oily scalp is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the sebaceous glands, which produce an abnormal surplus of sebum. Suffocated by this excess sebum, the scalp can no longer absorb it, causing a shiny appearance at the roots, which can stretch to the lengths of the hair. 

Dust and polluting microparticles attack the scalp daily. In order to defend itself, the scalp increases its secretion of sebum to protect itself from these irritating attacks, resulting in a scalp and hair that re-grease more quickly. 

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To regulate sebum production, there's no natural care method like brushing! And more particularly with a boar bristle hair brush. 

Rich in keratin, the 100% boar bristle brush offers real care for your hair. Unlike other hair brushes, its soft bristles do not irritate the scalp when brushing. The placement of the tips helps activate microcirculation and absorbs the surplus of sebum. 

Its added bonus? Its keratin content also moisturizes the lengths of your hair, giving you perfect care from root to tip!

dry and irritated scalp

How do you treat a dry and irritated scalp with brushing?

Unlike an oily scalp, a dry scalp is due to a lack of sebum resulting in irritation at the roots, dandruff and brittle hair. 

There are many causes of a dry and irritated scalp: pollution, excessive use of the hair dryer, use of products containing sulfates, etc., but they all have the same consequence, the destruction of the hydrolipidic film. When it’s damaged, the skin is left irritated, dry and damaged.

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Without using chemicals that could cause further damage, brushing is the best way to relieve a dry, irritated scalp. As an ally of sensitive scalps, boar bristle brushes provide gentle detangling. Its structural composition is similar to that of our hair and increases sebum secretion when brushing. The scalp can then "feed" on the nutrients contained in sebum, healing irritation and itching. 

A little tip from La Bonne Brosse: segment your hair when brushing to avoid detangling your hair too forcefully. This could break the ends of your hair and further damage your scalp’s hydrolipidic barrier.

sensitive scalp

Choosing the right hair brush to treat your scalp gently

Some people have extremely sensitive scalps. This phenomenon affects women, but also (of course!) many men. Brushing with the wrong tool can be a painful experience...

However, sensitive scalps are in great need of a massage to gently stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and soften this fragile area.

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At La Bonne Brosse, we worked for months with our supplier to add extra soft beads to our soft nylon fibers to gently massage the scalp.

scalp massage

The art of a gliding massage by La Bonne Brosse

At La Bonne Brosse, we believe that it’s all in your head, (obviously).

A healthy scalp (and therefore beautiful hair), is a scalp that is looked after.

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Did you know that your skull, the home of your hair bulbs, is the place in your body where the most nerve endings are found?

It's time to give it the attention it deserves, and dedicate a few minutes of massaging as often as possible, with your best hair brush or your fingers!

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I want to take action on my scalp

The meeting point of energies, seat of the chakra "crown" so dear to yogis, the scalp is the cradle of our emotions and is considered by many experts as our second brain.

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