The holistic approach

Beauty is holistic. Keeping hair healthy, young and shiny for a long time and maintaining a beautiful texture across the seasons is a question of balance. While brushing rituals play a key role, many hair problems can be avoided or cured by adopting a few good holistic practices. Find out which ones!

Hydration Diet Sleep Yoga

Drinking for beautiful hair

Dry hair, flakey ends, irritated scalp... So many problems often linked to a simple lack of water, drinking enough of it is the first holistic beauty step for your hair!


What you eat affects your hair

Omega 3, trace elements, proteins... Discover which foods are truly your hair’s best friends.


Sleep better for beautiful hair

Look at your hair when you wake up... Is it soft and shiny or does it seem greasy and dehydrated?

Brush your hair thoroughly for 3 minutes before going to bed, sleep in soft, waterproof sheets, and moisturize sufficiently before going to sleep...

Discover the best ways to get a good night's sleep for your hair and yourself!


Downward dog and dreamy brushing

Certain yoga poses, especially inversions, cause blood to flow to the head, which re-energizes blood vessels and cranial capillary action! Yoga is a powerful practice to boost hair growth and stop hair loss.