The benefits of brushing

With La Bonne Brosse, get back in touch with the beneficial gestures of brushing for beautiful and healthy hair. An age-old gesture favored by our grandmothers (the famous 100 strokes of the brush!), hair brushing has gradually lost its nobility and has been replaced by a profusion of cosmetic hair products with dubious compositions... Discover the spectacular effects of regular brushing on the beauty, health and cleanliness of your hair, but also on your well-being!

Brushing and beauty Brushing and hair health Brushing and hygiene Brushing and well-being
Brushing and beauty

Enhance your hair with brushing, the first step in your hair beauty routine

Just like makeup removal, a daily ritual that is essential to the beauty and radiance of the face, daily hair brushing is the best ally for the beauty, suppleness and shine of your hair!

It is essential to put this step back at the heart of your hair care routine.

Getting back into the habit of brushing rituals means taking control of your hair's beauty and preserving it for a long time, with simple and traditional techniques.

Rediscover all the benefits of brushing on the beauty of your hair.

Brushing and hair health

Keep your hair healthy and young with brushing

The health of your hair and the balance of your scalp are often affected by our modern lifestyles. Stress, overwork, the arrival of a child in the family or a great emotional shock are all factors that can cause hair health problems such as hair loss, dandruff, loss of density or simply dull hair lacking vitality.

Daily brushing, with its immediate effect on the capillary seborrheic balance and its massaging and revitalizing function of the scalp, is a powerful asset to recover healthy hair!

The direct mechanical action of the hair brush on the scalp and hair fiber is more effective than cosmetics and less invasive than some anti-hair loss products.

Daily brushing is the key to keeping your hair healthy and young.

Discover in detail all the health benefits of brushing.

Brushing and hygiene

Brushing, an essential hair cleansing treatment

Brushing your hair in the evening is like removing makeup from your skin before going to bed. Healthy hair is free of polluting particles and dust that are captured by the fibers throughout the day,

it also means balanced hair whose excess sebum is regularly cleansed by brushing....

Brushing and well-being

How does brushing promote well-being day after day?

At La Bonne Brosse we consider brushing hair a real pleasure, and a unique way to get back in touch with your senses.

Take time to relax and soften the skin of your scalp, the seat of all positive or negative emotions, to let go of the stress of everyday life.

The scalp is one of the most innervated and vascularized areas of our body. Located close to the last chakra, this area of the body can be the source of real internal storms, but also the source of great appeasement.

Massaging your scalp consciously every day through brushing lets you keep in touch with your body's sensations while promoting scalp suppleness for stronger, more beautiful hair!

A few minutes of brushing is enough. Guaranteed addiction!