Beauty through gestures

 Take back control of your hair, refamiliarize yourself with it and how it falls...

This is the challenge taken up by La Bonne Brosse.

How do we do it? Thanks to the research and diligent tests we have conducted.

Who are we? Flore and Pauline, school friends, passionate about the beauty industry, to the point of spending more than 10 years each for the big brands of the sector. Another thing we had in common a year ago: not knowing what to do with our hair to really love it, to make it a true ally of our style.

To give them a new lease on life, we studied the scalp and hair under a microscope, not to mention all the ingredients and gestures that do them a world of good. All of this supported by interesting meetings with the best expert French brushmakers. Based on all this research, we are now convinced that hair beauty comes from the right gestures. This is why, first of all, we decided to refine the smallest details of the perfect object, the only one capable of reviving the initial beauty of the hair: the hair brush. This essential tool for the hair’s well-being invigorates the most tired, stubborn or even difficult hair.

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