Your hair’s beauty is in your hands


The essential sustainable habit for beautiful hair

Brushing is the only “mechanical” hair care routine that reconciles the beauty and health of the hair by sheathing the fibers and bringing lightness and brilliance, while providing a revitalizing scalp massage that densifies the hair in the long term.

With 3 minutes of brushing a day, you reduce your need for hair products by up to 50%.

Thanks to brushing, you can take back control of your hair, drastically reduce your use of cosmetic products, and do yourself (and the planet) a world of good!

Discover our “Made in France” hair brushes

Designed in the center of Paris

The look of our hair brush and its beautifully twisted handle were born in the heart of a creative studio with a resolutely Parisian soul. A beautiful, desirable and functional object whose touch is as soft as it is ergonomic.

An innovative, handcrafted brush head

Since 1875, the last remaining French brushmaker has been perpetuating a century-old tradition. La Bonne Brosse is the combination of this unique know-how and several months of intense research and development to renew certain techniques and achieve unmatched efficiency and brushing softness.

A noble material from the Jura valley

La Bonne Brosse's unique twisted handle is made of cellulose acetate, a responsibly-sourced material composed of 70% wood fibers, emblematic of the brush industry since the 19th century. It is exceptionally soft and comfortable and will develop a patina over the years.

Thanks for your testimonials!

"It’s as beautiful as it is effective."

"My hair is much silkier and I wash it less often. Thank you La Bonne Brosse!"
Elodie, 38 years old - Paris

"I gave one to my mother and one to my sister, they were so happy"

"They loved the colors! Great gift idea!
Marine, 25 years old - Hong Kong

"I didn’t need to use my straighteners for the first time ever!"

"I like my natural hair again, ! It’s so light and shiny."
Capucine, 46 years old - La Baule

"I feel like my hair is falling out less."

"It's simple, since brushing my hair regularly, I no longer find hairs on my pillow in the morning."
François, 41 years old - Paris

Why choose La Bonne Brosse?

Well-being, health and beauty: effective hair brushing gives you three benefits in one. Ideal for stimulating and nourishing the scalp, detangling and sheathing the hair, but also for offering a relaxing self-massage, this ancestral ritual is still as important today. But how do you get beautiful hair? First of all, by choosing the best hair brush perfectly adapted to your needs and your hair type. From boar bristle brushes to nylon fibers, La Bonne Brosse models are designed for all profiles and hair types. All you have to do is find your new partner!

Which is the best hair brush?

It all depends on the nature of your hair. So, feel free to do a hair diagnosis in order to select the model that is right for you. An example? If a boar bristle hair brush is more suitable for fine hair, a 100% nylon brush will be much more effective on thick hair.

How to properly brush your hair?

First of all, do it often enough. That is, at least three times a week and twice a day. While making sure, during each brushing of the hair, to start from the temples before going towards the back of the skull, then to start again at the top of the head and go down towards the nape of the neck. All this with the head tilted downwards to distribute the sebum evenly!