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Florence and Romain from the L'Appartement Parisien studio

Florence and Romain designed La Bonne Brosse hair brushes with the utmost care and attention.

Specialists in beauty product design and staging. Lovers of color and spaces since they are also interior designers, this energetic and friendly duo has understood our need for a beautiful and functional product, which will put you in a good mood and look good in your bathroom, and your handbag!

our manufacturer

The last remaining holders of traditional know-how in the French brush industry

To manufacture La Bonne Brosse hair brushes, we wanted to return to the traditional know-how of the best French brushmaker.

Labelled, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company), our manufacturer still perpetuates the ancestral techniques of the artisan brushmakers. Internationally recognized, the best hair brushes in the world come from their workshops. Handcrafted with noble and quality materials, they perpetuate the creation of hair brushes by respecting criteria of excellence.

With La Bonne Brosse, Stéphane and his team have agreed to shake up their traditional methods, to refine the materials and to renew the classic structure of hair brushes, in order to deliver a brushing of unequalled softness, incredible styling, and care efficiency.

our material supplier

The last French acetate producer

The birthplace of the hair comb industry, it is in the Jura valley that the first cellulose acetate manufacturers appeared.

Acetate is a noble and organic material made from 70% wood fibers, initially created to replace animal horn which was the basic raw material of the entire Jura brush and comb industry.

A century and a half later, the Jura valley has become the flagship of the modern French plastics industry with magnificent materials, but unfortunately most come from petrochemicals.

However, Alexis, an industrial craftsman from a line of local entrepreneurs, still perpetuates the know-how of cellulose acetate in France. It is thanks to him that we were able to rework this material to make the handle of our hair brush, and so we were able to rediscover the principles of nobility and quality in French brushmaking.