Trouver ma brosse

Why should I do the hair type diagnosis?

How to brush your hair properly? First of all, by using a brush that is really adapted to your needs.

That's why La Bonne Brosse offers you an online hair diagnosis to determine the specificities of your hair. This first step will allow you to choose the perfect hair brush for your hair.

Do you have fine hair and a sensitive scalp?

Our Universal hair brushes are made entirely of keratin-rich boar bristles with soft rubber pads for gentle, efficient brushing, as are our nylon fiber and soft boar bristle models.

Do you have thick hair?

Or are you looking for a vegan hair brush? Choose our Miracle 100% nylon hair brush with addictive massaging properties, to keep your hair beautiful without using animal materials.

Are you looking for...?

And if you're looking for the Rolls-Royce of hair brushes for instant shine and easy detangling, try our classic "N°2 Essential" hair brush, which combines nylon fibers and boar bristles.

How to choose the right brush?

Brushing your hair is good, but doing it with the brush best suited to your hair is better. We have developed a detailed diagnosis, which lists more than 144 hair and scalp types to offer you the most appropriate brush; the right one for your hair, your scalp, and yourself. The everyday item that you’ll soon not be able to do without.