How to choose my hair brush?

To have beautiful hair, you must first of all have a good brush. But to be properly equipped, you should not only choose a quality model, you should also choose a hair brush that is perfectly suited to the nature and condition of your hair and scalp. How do you do that? First, by using our hair diagnosis tool to determine the characteristics of your hair. Then, once you have discovered the nature of your hair, you can choose the ideal hair brush from our models.

Which La Bonne Brosse hair brush is right for you?

Do you have fine and fragile hair? Turn to our boar bristle hair brush, particularly rich in keratin, to nourish it effectively. And if your hair is normal, but you have a sensitive scalp, a hair brush with a mix of SOFT nylon fibers and boar bristles will do the trick, while a mix of boar bristles and classic nylon fibers is recommended for normal scalps. If, on the other hand, your hair is thick, turn to our 100% nylon hair brush, a brush that is just as effective on wet hair. Finally, because children also have the right to beautiful hair, we advise you to use our boar bristle and nylon brushes or the 100% nylon models.


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