The benefits of brushing for your hair

Hair brushing is an ancestral gesture that has proven its effectiveness over time.


An authentic hair routine, the art of brushing hair has been a real cosmetic practice over the last century. Popular in old movies, brushing hair takes a very special place in scenes of life at the time. Brushing and maintaining hair as a daily pastime was a sign of social distinction at the time. 

More than vanity, repeating this age-old gesture every day for several minutes allowed the ladies of the past century to protect their hair to keep it silky and full of vitality.


If you’re not a fan of black and white movies, surely you have heard your grandmother advising you the endless 100 strokes of the hair brush?

In the past, hair washing was less regular and hair care was non-existent, so our grandmothers used to brush their hair to clean it and moisturize the scalp.


Brushing is to hair what make-up removal is to the face: essential.

This forgotten act is still as important as ever. As a care and well-being gesture in its own right, La Bonne Brosse dusts off the usefulness of brushing while highlighting its benefits for your hair.


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