Massage brushing

Massaging the scalp is a simple gesture that releases tension for a real moment of well-being. In addition to the relaxing sensation it provides, scalp massages have many benefits for the hair: vitality, strength, regrowth, etc.

Brushing your scalp: a massage ritual to boost your hair.

The ideal ally for stronger hair, massaging the scalp through brushing is an easy self-care part of your routine. Done in the morning, this brushing/massage stimulates the scalp, while in the evening it relaxes and detoxifies it.

On detangled hair, gently place your brush on the top of your head and start with slow movements from the top of the head to the tips. Then move your hair brush to the base of the neck and work your way up the skull, pulling your strands upwards. This gentle brushing will stimulate microcirculation and promote proper irrigation of the hair bulbs for stronger, more vibrant hair.

Don’t hesitate to repeat these beneficial gestures until you feel relaxed and your scalp seems more supple and awake! 

For visible results, remember that brushing for two minutes is really important and doing it regularly is just as important. You can also perform this massage on wet hair after a shower by using a detangling mist, for example!

Scalp massage: a wellness experience for the whole body

In addition to its effect on the hair, scalp massages are a simple ritual for letting go and indulging in a moment of well-being.

As a highly innervated energy zone, the pressure of the hair brush's tips on the scalp relaxes the nervous system and releases all stress. Stimulating all of the body's acupuncture points, the effect of the scalp massage will ease tension and relieve various parts of the body.

Scalp brushing is a dual-purpose wellness experience for the whole body: bringing vitality to the hair and relaxing the body!


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