Hair loss is a very common phenomenon. Every year, many people suffer from it for various reasons: change of season, lack of light, postpartum hair loss, vitamin D deficiency... Find out how to solve the problem with a boar bristle hairbrush: a natural and effective solution to stimulate your scalp and deeply nourish your hair.

A massaging hairbrush

If your hair is fragile and brittle, there's a good chance it will eventually fall out. Here is a good habit : massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood microcirculation and revitalize the hair follicles. Thanks to its boar bristle composition, the N.01 Universal massaging hairbrush offers you a real moment of relaxation during brushing: as well as gently untangling knots, the boar bristles provide a regenerating massage thanks to their fine cut and irregular layout. Available in a large range of colors, the La Bonne Brosse boar bristle hairbrush will become your best ally when it comes to caring for your hair!

Incomparable moisturizing power

Your hair must be well-nourished in order to be healthy. As well as being particularly soft and pleasant to use, the Universal boar bristle hairbrush has incredible nourishing properties. We only use boar bristles from the first cut, i.e. those at the roots, because that's where there's the most keratin: a natural protein made up of amino acids that helps moisturize the hair deep down. What's more, the boar bristles of this massaging hairbrush remove excess sebum from the roots and distribute it evenly throughout the lengths. No more dry and brittle hair that keeps falling out: after just a few weeks of use, your hair will be stronger and more resistant.

How do I use the Universal N.01 boar bristle hairbrush?

Designed to suit all hair types, this massaging hairbrush is ideal for fine, fragile, straight and flexible hair. Used in the morning, this boar bristle hairbrush will give you a smoothing effect all day long. That is why, if you have voluminous or curly hair, we recommend that you use it in the evening, before going to bed, so that your curls can regain their natural shape during the night. To get the most out of its boar bristles, we also recommend using this hairbrush when your hair is dry.