I have a sensitive scalp

Irritation, tingling, itching and redness: these are the main signs of a sensitive scalp, even hypersensitive when the symptoms are particularly severe.

But why?

This is often due to environmental pollution, stress or overly aggressive hair care. In some cases, dandruff can even appear, caused by the multiplication of micro-organisms at the heart of the physiological flora of the irritated scalp.

To solve the problem, it’s therefore essential to avoid stripping shampoos and to limit drying with hot air.

But that's not all: you'll also need the ideal hair brush to moisturize your sensitive scalp.

Which hair brush should you choose?

For brushing that combines softness and efficiency, don't hesitate to choose our boar bristle brush placed on a particularly soft rubber cushion. Used in the morning and evening before bed, but also before shampooing, it will improve scalp hydration in the long term and will bring more shine to your hair. A method that will also work with our soft boar bristle and nylon fiber hair brush.

Top tip? Don't brush too vigorously, but gently enough to massage the scalp effectively. A balance that you will quickly find in your new health and beauty ritual!


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