I want to take action on my scalp

Dandruff, itching, increased sensitivity: your scalp sometimes suffers from many problems, and this is not unheard of, since all your emotions pass through this second brain. At the top of the skull is the crown chakra, a key energy point that regulates the endocrine system, but also the shiatsu point 20VG - also known as the "joy point" -  which is the meeting point of many energy connections. In other words: you need to take care of your scalp to get beautiful hair, but also to feel good, and our hair brushes can help you do just that.

The Bonne Brosse and the right gestures!

To act on the scalp and stimulate it correctly, it’s recommended to brush your hair twice a day, morning and evening, focusing on the crown, at the top of the head. This is a key gesture that should be neither too gentle nor too rough, in order to provide a real massaging effect. But make sure you do it with a hair brush that is adapted to your scalp. If it’s very sensitive, our 100% nylon brush is ideal. If it’s less sensitive, opt for a gentle boar bristle brush combined with nylon fibers. Otherwise, opt for our classic hair brush, which combines nylon and boar bristles.

And remember that finger massages, sea baths in case of flaking and the use of special shampoos can also help.


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