Shiny, healthy and strong hair: Discover 3 natural tips for dreamy hair

No matter your hair type: having beautiful hair is possible! There’s no secret to healthy hair, you just have to take care of it daily, ideally several times a day.

La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush gives you 3 natural tips for dreamy hair!

Accept your hair

Nowadays, the cosmetics industry pushes us to use a lot of products, offering treatments to solve every hair problem, which is a big mistake. Usually made with chemicals and sulfates, these unsuitable products attack our hair instead of looking after it - pushing us to buy more products with miracle promises.

Another important point is that the scalp is damaged by these attacks and it tends to re-grease faster, suffocating the roots and making your hair look dull and oily.

The same goes for overuse of heated appliances (hair dryers and straightening irons) that dry out your lengths and break the ends of your hair. The key word is frugality!

As you will already understand, our first piece of advice for beautiful hair is to let it breathe by prioritizing natural care so your hair finds a good balance, but above all, accept it as it is!

The art of brushing

Often neglected, brushing hair is an essential step in having beautiful hair. As with hair products, it is important to use the right tool. Metal brushes should be avoided! Their iron spikes pull out the hair, break the ends and attack the scalp. Used for centuries, the boar bristle hair brush is the ideal tool to preserve your hair. The natural composition of its follicles helps to strengthen the hair when detangling by regulating sebum production and hydrating the lengths naturally.

Is your scalp irritated?

Perfect for sensitive scalps, the soft ball tips of the boar bristle & nylon fiber hair brush offer gentle brushing to restore the hydrolipidic film of the scalp.

Good to know: brushing is a very particular art that requires specific techniques depending on your hair type. Whether your hair is curly or straight, discover how to brush your hair properly.

A holistic approach

Hair problems often stem from internal imbalances: emotional stress and poor nutrition can weaken the hair fiber.

Therefore, to treat dull hair or hair loss, it is important to treat the symptoms but especially the origin of the problem.

Looking after and listening to your body is essential for healthy hair.

Opting for a holistic approach to hair care is also an excellent way to refocus on yourself: a return to basics that brings many benefits.


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