Specializing in our hair brush fibers for over 30 years, Véronique Lamrani offers expert, targeted and effective hair care advice. After a precise diagnosis, she develops a series of treatments that transform the hair for the long term. Convinced of the benefits of brushing for as long as she can remember, she shares with us the secrets of healthy hair.

1. Why is brushing your hair one of the best ways to take care of it?

Because it's the primary means of hair hygiene, even ahead of shampooing. Without brushing your hair, the scalp is not cleaned of dust, particles, pollen or all the other impurities that collect on it throughout the day. The ideal hair brush is equipped with boar bristles, which is the only type capable of capturing sebum and dead skin as well as providing a pneumatic massage.

2. Do you have any specific recommendations for different hair types?

I advise all my clients to take their time. The idea is to brush the scalp and the lengths just as you would remove makeup: with care and patience. Women often have more time in the evening too, so I advise them to use this time to brush their hair and relax, for at least 1 minute.

3. Once you have adopted the right brushing technique, what results can you expect and how long until they take effect?

It's hard to give a precise answer – everything depends on the individual scalp and its bulbs. What is certain is that the cleansing allows you to quickly see a positive change in your hair. For example: in some cases, brushing with a boar bristle and pneumatic hair brush stimulates the microcirculation so well that hair growth can be observed!

4. What are the signs that we are not brushing our hair appropriately?

If the bristles of your hair brush are clean after one minute of brushing, it means that you are not applying enough pressure. You should therefore start again and make sure you brush the entire scalp from the nape of the neck to the temples and up to the forehead. All areas must be cleaned. Once you have finished brushing, you must clean your hair brush.

5. Why should you not share your hair brush?

A hair brush is like a toothbrush, you can't share it with others! Hygiene products must remain personal. It should also be noted that when brushing, you wear out your brush in your hand, so it is preferable to have your own.

You can find Véronique Lamrani at the Ambassade de Beauté Biologique Recherche in Paris 8th Arrondissement.


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