What is dandruff? Dandruff is tiny fragments or flakes of dead skin expelled by the scalp when its new cells form prematurely.

There are many causes for this phenomenon, such as a skin condition, stress, fatigue or frequent scratching.

One thing is certain, however: there are two kinds of flakes. The greasy dandruff, that is very visible on the hair and difficult to eliminate, and the dry dandruff, which falls on the shoulders. The former appears on oily hair, and the latter on dry hair. But recognizing dandruff is one thing, and getting rid of it is another.

How can brushing your hair help?

We recommend our 100% boar bristle hair brushes or our mixed nylon fiber and boar bristle models to avoid over-stimulating the sebaceous glands and therefore greasing your clean hair.

To keep your hair beautiful, also make sure to maintain a diet rich in naturally anti-dandruff nutrients such as vitamin B6 (found for example in tuna), vitamin E (almonds, vegetable oils) and vitamin A (apricots, carrots, tomatoes). You should also choose zinc-based shampoos and use dedicated pre-shampoo serums. Your dandruff will soon be a thing of the past.


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