Our brushing rituals: adopting the right gestures

The most important thing to remember about brushing your hair is that regularity is essential. Not only for reasons of beauty and hygiene, but also for the health of the scalp. It’s crucial to make hair brushing a ritual and take a moment for yourself.The idea is to refocus on yourself - or on others, since there’s nothing stopping you from brushing your children's or partner's hair as well - and also to take advantage of this to do meditative self-massage sessions. The goal? To increase well-being while maintaining a healthy, radiant head of hair.

How to brush your hair: discover our rituals

To start with, you should know that we recommend at least two hair brushing sessions a day. The first, in the morning, to detangle and set the hair, but also to distribute the sebum secreted during the night throughout the lengths. The second, in the evening, to get rid of the impurities accumulated during the day.

But there's nothing to stop you from a quick brush in the middle of the day to freshen up your hair.

There are different types of brushing rituals, and each one has a specific purpose: 

"Beauty" brushing to work on your hair strand by strand and give it style.

"Massage" brushing to relax and soften your scalp.

"Youthful" brushing to detangle and add vitality.

Detangling to get rid of dead hair and make way for young and strong hair, that is full of life.


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