Even though all hair types can become dull and flat, due to its fragility, fine hair is more prone to these factors.

Why? Stress, pollution and coloring will all tire the hair by draining its energy. With a lack of vitality, the hair becomes flat and dull.

Other factors can make the problem even worse. Changes in season, for example, are often accompanied by a decrease in sunlight which also weakens the hair and makes it dull. The use of silicone-based products and other aggressive agents also weigh down the hair, giving it a flat appearance and lack of volume. Flat and dull hair is not a tragedy, however, and it can quickly regain its shine and volume with healthy and natural measures!

Brushing: a vitalizing treatment for your hair

Brushing is essential for strong hair.

Brushing helps boost microcirculation by stimulating the scalp, but also provides the capillaries with the oxygen and nutrients they need to make hair shiny and voluminous.

Tired, dull and flat hair must be treated with a special hair brush in order not to weaken it further. With its natural bristles, the La Bonne Brosse pneumatic boar bristle hair brush, aka The Good Brush, brings volume and shine to the hair, without irritating the scalp or breaking the ends.

Thanks to its soft and firm bristles, the boar brush adds volume to the hair. The boar bristles will penetrate the core of the hair fiber, softening the hair, while lifting the roots from the scalp. In addition, the structural composition of the keratin boar bristles allows the sebum to be distributed evenly through the lengths of the hair to give it a glossy appearance, thus compensating for the dullness of the hair. La Bonne Brosse hair brush is thus the best ally for tired hair in need of shine and volume!


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