Many yoga masters speak of the benefits of yoga, especially inversions, on hair. As a yoga expert, what can you tell us?  

During an inversion, the head is close to the ground. You work against gravity while boosting blood circulation to the scalp. This results in a rush of blood and therefore a flow of good nutrients to this area. During an inversion, the hair is oxygenated and nourished. I recommend inversions where the head is lower than the heart, such as the shoulder stand. And I advise beginners against headstands, as there is a risk of putting too much pressure on the head. The right pace: 2 or even 3 yoga classes per week to observe benefits for the hair in general. 

The 7th chakra, called the crown chakra, is said to be located just above the head and linked to hair? What do you think?  

Unlike the six other chakras inside our bodies, the crown chakra is outside. It's the most spiritual one. According to yogis, the more balanced it is, the more it allows us to access a higher level of consciousness. We then have more confidence in the world around us. Some yogis believe that hair acts as antennas that allow energy to flow between the crown chakra and our mind. And the healthier our hair, the better the energy flows... However, when hair is damaged, porous, the connections are less effective... We then become more confused. It's therefore essential for these yogis to take care of their hair from root to tip. To do so, there's nothing like frequently massaging the scalp with a hairbrush. Once the blood flow is revitalized at the capillary level, the hair will be better nourished, oxygenated, and therefore stronger. Note that since this seventh chakra is at the end of the chain, for it to be balanced, the previous six chakras must also be balanced. To work on the balance of this chain, you need to practice yoga at least twice a week and be patient because achieving this balance is a long-term endeavor.