> How to justify the price of the brush?

The price has been thought to be the right one for a high quality object entirely made in France by craftsmen with a century-old know-how.
At La Bonne Brosse we only use the best quality boar hair available in the world (what we call the first cut). The best of the best! Which is usually reserved for ultra ultra luxury hairbrushes). It is indeed the quality of the hair and its keratin content that will make all the difference in terms of long term hair care.
We have also opted for a natural rubber cushion of the highest flexibility, which guarantees softness and optimal penetration of the hair.
Our nylon fibres are also much finer and softer than the fibres usually used in conventional brushes.
Finally, the handles of our hairbrushes are made of cellulose acetate, a noble material from the French brushing tradition, a responsible and biodegradable material that we source from the last French manufacturer.
It is truly the object of a lifetime designed to accompany you for a long time and transform the way you care for your hair with its wonderful care benefits. We hope you will understand the eco-responsible approach behind La Bonne Brosse.

> Do you offer vegan hairbrushes?

Yes, our hairbrush number 4 is a vegan brush. This hairbrush is massaging and detangling, extremely pleasant to use! The nylon fibres of the vegan hairbrush allow deep scalp massages to stimulate the circulation of the blood vessels in the scalp and thus promote hair growth. The vegan hairbrush is ideal for detangling even the most unruly hair! It can also be used in the shower and will allow your hair care product to penetrate the hair fibre. This vegan brush is suitable for all hair types and is available in all 4 colours.

> Where does the boar hair come from?

The hair for our hairbrushes comes from South-East Asian boar hair, as there is no longer a European supply chain unfortunately (we are currently trying to recreate one but it will take time).
For our hairbrushes, we have selected the boar hair with extreme vigilance on their quality (the best!) but also on the conditions in which they were extracted. We have excluded the origin of industrial breeding to favour artisanal conditions that guarantee the best animal welfare.

> Some of the bristles on my hairbrush get bent over time? Is this normal?

Our good hairbrushes are made of high quality natural bristles, which are therefore of varying sizes and strength. This is also why they fit every hair strand by strand. The nylon fibres we have selected are very soft to provide a very gentle massage, absolutely non-irritating and at the same time very effective on the scalp microcirculation. And this is what makes our tapering technique so effective when brushing!
The fact that some of the finer boar bristles may move slightly over time does not affect the quality of the brushing, but is a sign that the brush lives.

Especially since our ultra-soft rubber cushion allows each pin to move during brushing to fit the shape of your head. So that's a sign of efficiency...

The natural fibres should gradually regain their shape and you can gently guide them with your fingers to restore their straightness....

> Why is there a hole in the rubber of my hair brush?

Many of you thought that this hole was a strand of hair that had come loose. In fact, it's perfectly normal! This hole is made to allow air to circulate under the rubber cushion, to make brushing even smoother and to hug the shape of the skull during a massage.


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