Just like living things, our hair can sense changes in the climate and is able to draw the resources it needs from its environment. 

The influence of the atmosphere’s humidity level is a main indicator of good scalp health and lets us know whether our hair needs specific care. 

Humidity is responsible for frizzy hair

Frizz is a sign of dehydration of the hair fiber, a small, unruly curl that separates from the rest of the hair. All it takes is a little too much moisture in the air for the frizz to rise up and make hair unruly.

In fact, in order to seek moisture, the hair scales will absorb the hydrogen particles present in the humidity. When this molecule is absorbed, the keratin fibers in our hair retract and fold over themselves, creating frizz.

This reaction affects all hair types, but is more pronounced in wavy and curly hair, which is more porous and dry than straight hair.

For disciplined hair without frizz, rely on the hydration of the scalp. Properly nourished, the hair fibers will close up and become less saturated with the water in the air.

Did you know? The impact of humidity on our hair is used in meteorology to determine the water content in the atmosphere. Better known as a hair hygrometer, this little compass uses the expansive properties of the hair fiber in contact with hydrogen to measure the humidity in the air. 

Protect your hair from frizz by moisturizing it with brushing

Our scalp naturally has healthy nutritious oils contained in the sebaceous glands. Brushing in the morning and evening stimulates the root bulb and provides essential nutrients for the well-being of our hair. 

Renowned for sensitive scalps and fine hair, the boar bristle brush brings vitality and nutrition to the hair. Thanks to the nutritious properties of its hairs, the boar bristle brush restructures the hair by moisturizing it naturally and thoroughly. The sebum, distributed from the roots to the tips of the hair during brushing, will coat the scales of the hair fiber and make them less sensitive to humidity.

For curly hair, it’s recommended to use a comb with large teeth in order not to disrupt the curls. The hair comb helps to avoid breaking the curls and disciplines the hair. By combing your hair with a natural oil, your curly hair will be nourished to the tips without being puffy! 


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